Packaged food....still full of nutrients

packaged food can be healthy if the nutrients are protected through out the supply chain.

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Ball packaging europe holding gmbh & co. Kg
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Sylvia Blmker

 Many nutritious substances cannot be preserved in an aqueous solution. Vitamins, for example, degrade in water within a very short period and are then no longer effective.  In the fresh can, the sensitive substances are stored in a plastic container, the socalled &ldquowedge&rdquo.  When the consumer opens the can the pressure decreases causing the wedge end to spring open.  This means that the sensitive substances are not dissolved in the beverage until it is consumed.  Nutritional additives which the consumer could previously only take in powder or tablet form, can now also be sold as a drink.  It is far more convenient for the consumer in this pharmaceutical form, in particular in the sport and fitness sectors. The plastic capsule floats freely in the can, i.e. It is not fixed to the base, but nevertheless it has a reliable opening mechanism.  This solution provides significant logistic benefits for the container filling process because the wedge and the can are delivered separately to the beverage producer. 

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