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EyePet Promotional Pack

Released: Wed, 04/14/2010 - 12:12 By Anonymous
Burgopak Ltd
Contact Person :
Jess Macnaught
+44 (0)20 7089 1950

Package Design Award for the Sony EyePet promotional pack is a house-shaped paperboard structure features a hinged “roof” that, when opened, presents the game’s contents and actuates a pop-up of the EyePet character. The award-winning design encourages engagement between pack and user while complementing the interactive nature of Sony’s new PS3 augmented reality game.

Burgopak’s London office worked on the EyePet project in conjunction with graphic and interactive design agency GR/DD, who developed the pack’s graphics and initial pop-up concept.

In order for the idea to be realised, Burgopak’s structural design team developed a simple linkage and friction lock that allows the internal surfaces to move through 90 degrees and lock to form a flat table where the contents - the game’s software, literature and hardware - are securely held. In addition to solving practical issues, the unexpected nature of the pack’s opening experience provides a well-suited introduction for Sony’s ‘augmented reality’ pet.



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