Drykeep Desiccant Material

Maintain Ideal Internal Atmosphere For The Entire Life Of The Productprocesses In Filling Like With A Standard Bottle No Need To Heat, Loose Desiccant Insertion Or Inspection

Company Name: 
Tricorbraun drohlich associates, inc.
Contact Person: 
Michael l. Drohlich

Drykeep&trade is a desiccant entrained polymer that can be molded into any plastic part. Because of the unique moisture absorbing action the humidity level in any package can be designed to match the need of the product.   Drykeep&trade offers many advantagesmaintain ideal internal atmosphere for the entire life of the productprocesses in filling like with a standard bottle no need to heat, loose desiccant insertion or inspectioneliminate potential liability issues from improper use of a loose desiccanteliminate dusting and leaking issues from canisters and sachetsinternal relative humidity can be designed to match the products needwill not release moistureimprove product efficacy 

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