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Chocolate Puffs

Released: Mon, 04/05/2010 - 12:40 By Anonymous
Le Whif
Contact Person :
David Edwords
+ 33 178094963

The New Le whif, by it's special design provides up to eight even puffs of chocolate, which you can enjoy over a coffee, or throughout a long afternoon. Once you get hang of it, You can open Le whif with a single hand, by gripping the brown base and pushing the coloured end between your thumb and index finger. This new design will not let chocolate powder fall out. The new plastic Le whif can be disposed of safely because it is made of biodegradeable poly-lactic acid (PLA). Le whilf uses particle engineering to form natural food substances, like chocolate, in practice sizes that are small enough to become airbourne though too large to enter the lungs. The new design directs food particles to the mouth following the air that accompanies a natural inhalation. 


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