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Beverages In Square Bottles

Released: Tue, 03/30/2010 - 11:43 By Anonymous
Contact Person :
Krister Almström
+55 11 83056759

Cubis is a new innovative beverage container designed to increase shelf value, reduce transportation costs and minimize environmental impact, but also to serve as a powerful marketing platform for the introduction of new brands and products.
The patented Cubis container is based on a square box shape and has a flip-top cap mounted in the upper corner. The result is a stackable and a user-friendly container with a unique and exclusive look.

The containers are initially available in a portion sized 25 cl version but also 50 cl and 1-liter containers are planned. The containers are available in conventional plastic materials, like HDPE and PP, and development is ongoing for the use of renewable materials.

The high volume efficiency of the Cubis containers makes it substantially more transport effective than traditional plastic containers and offers the producers a more environmentally friendly logistical solution.

As three 25 cl Cubis containers stacked on top of each other occupy about the same space as a single conventional 50 cl PET bottle, retailers will benefit from a substantial increase in shelf value.




Yes sir it's very great idea to enhance the packaging field in a reliable way,it makes to carry a product in a safe way or in a suitable manner & its also a very elegent n eye-catching container.

Excellent Packaging for EYE-CATCHING and Impulse buys.Only I am not clear about the Filling Machines that will accept a Square container. 

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