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We automate all new and existing presses to improve immediate print quality, productivity and profitability with paybacks normally under 1 year. Our engineers custom fit without machining any of the following cip ready ink presets, remote ink fountains and consoles even closed loop color of all manufacturers plus our own advanced clc with full image inspection and defect detection. Sincerely,greg imhoffdirector epg color solutions800 394 7130 office708 557 2021 cellskype gregimhoffprint properties committee member and gracol g7

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Epg & gripdigital, inc.
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Greg Imhoff
Director Of Color Solutions

At print 09 we introduced in addtion to our core solutions 4 new products·         colorspec &ndash on press closed loop color control·         colorinspec &ndash on press full sheet inspection·         adelphi autokey &ndash interface for closed loop control·         adelphi autoset &ndash preset interfacecolorspec and colorinspec are products based on technology developed by apollo systems. Apollo has over 200 inspection systems installed in highly demanding currency and security printing. Epg is now bringing this advanced technology to commercial printing. Colorspec closed loop color control is not new but our approach is. We combine line scan camera technology with the processing power of sun microsystem servers. This enables us to read the entire color bar &ndash 1 shot &ndash every sheet &ndash real time couple with this is our ability to lock on to the color bar as soon as black ink is laid down &ndash without regard to registration. This enables us to monitor startup density as it stabilizes across the sheet &ndash sheet by sheet &ndash and begin color correction at the earliest possible point. Our ability to read the full color bar on every sheet also enables us to monitor the result of automatic ink key adjustment as it takes effect and make midcourse corrections to avoid underovershoot. Combined these unique capabilities enable keycolor colorspec to get to color faster than any other closed loop system. Colorinspec even more unique is our ability to upgrade colorspec to provide closed loop color control and full sheet inspection &ndash every sheet &ndash real time colorinspec will detect defects and color drift in up to 300 separate user defined regions anywhere on the sheet. The pressman specifies the ok sheet or series of sheets and each and every sheet thereafter is compared on a pixel by pixel basis to the standard. Any deviation from the standard, slurs, ghosting, streaks, hickies, color drift is recognized these deviations are shown on a reverse mask of the image, with color of the defect indicating severity of the deviation from standard the objective is to enable the pressman to see defects developing in time to take corrective action &ndash before they become rejects. We also provide the pressman the ability to assign different tolerances for defects in each area. This combined with our pixel by pixel evaluation of each sheet enables us to achieve a false rejectrate of less than ½ of 1 . Adelphi autokey  this interface device allows us to link colorspec or any other scanning device to ink control systems other than keycolor to provide closed loop color control adelphi autoset provides presetting capability for ink control systems other than keycolor sincerely, greg imhoffdirector epg color solutions800 394 7130 office708 557 2021 cellskype gregimhoff print properties committee member and gracol g7 

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