Ceramispla Sioxcoated Biodegradable Barrier Film

Biodegradable Pla Polylactic Acid Films Offer Good Performance In Convertability And Are Becoming More Attractive To Market


Biodegradable pla polylactic acid films offer good performance in convertability and are becoming more attractive to the market. With alcans silicon oxide coating technology pla films are now available with a high barrier against oxygen and water vapour. Ceramis®pla is an environmentally friendly thermoplastic polymer made from the annually renewable resource corn starch.   Properties&bull high transparency&bull high gloss&bull excellent combined barrier against gases, water vapour and aromas&bull allow metal detection&bull high bonding of the siox coating to the base films&bull suitable for use on established converting machines&bull made from annually renewable resource corn starch&bull fully biodegradable&bull various gauges availablemarketstechnical and industrial applications, snacks, culinary, pet food,fresh food, dairy, household & personal caresustainabilityceramis® plasiox films are certified by din certco and entitled to mark the films with the compostability.

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