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Webinar on RFID in Packaging

After back-to-back successful webinars, we are now ready for another webinar on the topic RFID in Packaging. Tracking and tracing are some of the biggest challenges for every industry. For the packaging industry, this is one of the most critical phases when the material is in transit. Imagine a truck stuck in a place and you have no clue where and why? From raw material to the finished product. To reach consumers tracking is one of the most challenging parts.

RFID is one of the simple solutions to this Tracking and tracing challenge.

RFID is seeing a huge demand in all walks of life small tag can do wonders to your tracking system.

Know how you can change the geometry of your tracking and tracing systems through RFID in this webinar.

A comprehensive presentation that discusses and gives you a detail of where, when, how, and what an RFID can do for your system. Some of the topics which will be discussed are:

• What is RFID

• RFID History and Development

• Technology Description

• What Constitutes an RFID System

• Components of an RFID System

• RFID Operations

• What is RFID-TagsTag Memory

• RFID System Basics

• Are All tags are same

- Active Tags

- Passive Tags

- Semi-Passive Tags

- Characteristics of tags

• What is RFID

-The Readers

- RFID Readers

• Antennas

The webinar will be live on 16th March 2021 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM. You can choose your preferred time slot. It's a free webinar and can be participated by registering at RFID in Packaging ( For recordings, presentation copy there would be a nominal fee which participants can decide to go for it in case they like the content.

Looking forward to seeing you at Webinar.

Follow the link to register now:

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00
Online/ Digitally