• Tupperware to be used as packaging for Terracycle Loop


    Aligned in the collective mission to reduce waste through a circular recycling system, the collaboration will provide a new packaging offering for Loop while advancing Tupperware's No Time to Waste initiative to significantly reduce single-use plastic and food waste by 2025. TerraCycle's Loop platform is specifically aimed at greatly improving the delivery, design and features of consumer products and packaging. Tupperware is the first reusable plastic container brand partner for Loop, adding to the platform's catalogue of reusable glass and metal containers. Loop's brand partners will have the opportunity to access enhanced options to package, store and ship products to U.S. consumers through a collaboration with Tupperware.

    "From our start nearly 75 years ago, Tupperware has been the leader in reusable, environmentally friendly and long lasting products in homes around the world," said Patricio Cuesta, President of Commercial Worldwide at Tupperware Brands.

    "By teaming up with Loop, we are excited to use our knowledge in product design and reusability to contribute to the circular recycling model. This partnership also allows us to learn more on how to address single-use plastic in the packaging of our own products to make it more sustainable for the future. 

    "We look forward to teaming up with other brands to collectively work to nurture a better future for our planet and communities by finding solutions to reduce waste across consumer touch points."

    Loop is a global reuse platform that partners with brands and retailers with the objective of shifting from a disposable to a durable supply chain where manufacturers own their packaging in the long term. In this model, consumers do not own the package yet they own the product within. Products available on the Loop platform are packaged and shipped directly to consumers in a specially designed tote. Once used, products are retrieved through free at-home pickup, then cleaned, refilled and reused - creating a first-of-its-kind circular packaging system. In 2021, along with online shopping, Loop customers will be able to participate in Loop at its retail partners in-store locations.

    "We couldn't have a more qualified partner than Tupperware to be our first plastics container brand partner," said TerraCycle and Loop CEO Tom Szaky. "Their long heritage and knowledge in durable, reusable product development makes them a valuable resource to our partners who are looking to improve the design and functionality of their packaging."

  • Dow and Henkel bring sustainability to hot melt adhesives


    Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business division of Dow (NYSE: DOW), announces the expansion of its high-performance AFFINITY™ GA polyolefin elastomers (POE) with the launch of bio-based AFFINITY™ RE. This solution has enabled Dow customer Henkel’s Technomelt SUPRA ECO line to achieve another milestone in both companies’ sustainability goals.

    Climate change is among the greatest technical, social, and economic issues the world is currently facing. That is why reducing the carbon footprint is more vital than ever. As consumers demand more sustainable solutions from suppliers and brands, AFFINITY™ RE offers an alternative to fossil fuel-based products and can help to reduce the carbon footprint whilst delivering the same well-known performance as the entire AFFINITY™ GA range. To achieve this, AFFINITY™ RE is made using bio-based feedstock such as tall oil – a by-product created by the paper-milling industry and ultimately sourced from sustainably managed forests. This whole process is certified on a mass balance basis by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC).

    “Consumers expect more sustainability from the products they use, and packaging is no exception. We want to support the industry to not just meet consumer expectations but to proactively set ever higher sustainability ambitions,” said Imran Munshi, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics consumer marketing manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “At Dow we’re proud to be embarking on a journey towards greater sustainability alongside an innovative customer such as Henkel.”

    “Consumers, brand owners, regulators and the industry are demanding change. The use of bio based material in consumer goods and packaging has been identified as an important driver for sustainable sourcing and lever to reduce environmental footprint. With a leading position in sustainable solutions, Henkel has anticipated these demands and believes in the necessity of driving change within the industry. This can only be achieved through close collaboration with industry partners along the value chain.” said Jenna Koenneke, Global Head of Market Strategy for Consumer Good Adhesives at Henkel. ”When the opportunity came to work with Dow to bring to life this sustainable solution, we saw it as a chance and a responsibility towards the industry and consumers to offer the best quality adhesive for their packaging with the lowest environmental impact through our new Technomelt SUPRA ECO range.”

    The AFFINITY™ RE range consists of three grades with 100% bio-based content on a mass balance basis to optimize the carbon footprint of hot melt adhesives.

  • Sidel presents NUUK, the new rPET water bottle concept inspired by Greenland

    Sidel’s art designers have created the NUUK bottle concept, drawing inspiration from the purity of ice and its formations.  The NUUK brand takes its name from Greenland’s capital and the fjords that make it famous. The “Frozen, Authentic, Unique” slogan highlights the brand’s attributes, which are closely linked to water and its features. Produced from clear, 100% recycled PET (rPET), NUUK is a container designed for high-quality, fjord-sourced premium water brands.

  • CCL Industries Announces Appointment of Two New Directors and Retirement of Director

    Toronto, January 18, 2021 - Mr. Donald G. Lang, Executive Chairman of CCL Industries Inc. (“CCL” or “the Company”), a world leader in specialty label, security and packaging solutions for global corporations, government institutions, small businesses and consumers, announced the appointment of Ms. Linda A. Cash and Dr. Susana Suarez-Gonzalez to the Board of Directors and the retirement of Ms. Mandy J. Shapansky from the Board of Directors.

  • New compostable packaging doubles shelf life


    Israel-based compostable packaging producer Tipa and shelf-life extension specialist from the Netherlands, PerfoTec, have partnered to offer fully compostable packaging that extends the shelf-life of fresh produce. 

    The partnership comes as consumer demand for low-waste packaging continues to grow, and suppliers seek sustainable packaging solutions that don’t compromise produce quality.

    The laser microperforated compostable film provides retailers and suppliers with packaging qualities that Tipa said will help reduce food waste, combat plastic pollution and cut carbon emissions.

    Tipa and PerfoTec’s combined technologies have been found to double the expected shelf-life of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

    Tipa’s compostable packaging performs like a conventional plastic but decomposes in compost back into the soil with no toxic residue, microplastics or other pollutants. Its packaging solutions can also fit with industry machinery and manufacturing practices.

    PerfoTec’s said its patented high precision laser technology facilitates longer shelf-life by adapting the permeability of food packaging.

    These technologies provide an innovative end-of-life solution for produce packaging while supplying retailers and end-consumers with extended produce shelf-life.

    Eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic, like compostable films, are projected to be a key contributor to the growth of the global flexible packaging market in coming years, according to Tipa.

    The company said the market is expected to increase from US$160.8bn to US$200.5bn by 2025.

    PerfoTec’s chief executive, Bas Groeneweg, said the two companies had trialled the film for “many months” and that PerfoTec’s patented laser perforation provided the best shelf-life for fruits, vegetables and flowers by far.

    “It provides longer shelf-life and freshness which means fewer quality losses, less food waste and cost savings for producers and retailers,” explained Groeneweg.

    “Partnering with Tipa to create compostable packaging that can outperform conventional plastic is a hugely exciting step forward for sustainable packaging. We’re delighted to be playing our part in the stride against quality losses, food waste and plastic pollution.”  

    Ayellet Zinger, vice president of aales for Tipa added: “In combining our technologies, Tipa and PerfoTec form a synergistic partnership that optimises flexible packaging for produce.

    “We have created an exceptional product that extends the shelf-life of fruit, vegetables and flowers with a protective and fully compostable film that decomposes just like the product its packaging.

    “Tipa and PerfoTec bring huge added value for flexible produce packaging, reducing food and packaging waste, and providing solutions for the future of sustainable packaging.”


  • Mondi enters low-white recycled office paper market with NAUTILUS® Elemental, awarded with Blue Angel certification


    Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, launches NAUTILUS® Elemental, its first recycled office paper product for the low-white segment. The new product made from 100% post-consumer waste complements the existing wide range of premium high-white recycled papers. Low-white recycled papers are particularly popular with public authorities and institutions (e.g. schools). The new paper is now available across Europe.

    We are pleased to be able to extend the NAUTILUS® range to include this new offering. With its authentic recycled shade, using this paper sends a positive environmental message, reflecting our commitment to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

    Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director at Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper

    Due to an increasing demand for recycled paper, Mondi extended its NAUTILUS® portfolio and availability over the past few years. This latest product innovation is the next milestone in its strategy and targets important low-white markets in Europe where currently limited suppliers exist. NAUTILUS® Elemental is ideally suited for all types of office communication such as everyday communication, e-mail print-outs, direct mail, invoices and manuals.

    Product specifications

    NAUTILUS® Elemental is produced in Austria in compliance with certification schemes including the Blue Angel, FSC® Recycled, EU Ecolabel and the Austrian Ecolabel. It is part of Green Range, Mondi´s umbrella trademark for sustainable paper solutions. The paper comes in packaging made of 100% recycled paper.

    The paper offers high-quality and paper properties comparable to fresh fibre products. These include:

    CIE whiteness (ISO 11475): 55%

    Brightness UV (ISO 2470): 70%

    Readily available in 80 g/m2 in A4 & A3, ream wrapped or as a cleverbox (A4 x 2,500 sheets)

    Suitable for inkjet, laser as well as copiers

    Reduced “see through” due to high opacity

    Low dusting and perfect runnability

  • HKScan introduces wood-based plastic for part of its product packaging in Finland


    HKScan is taking great strides towards carbon neutrality. Product packaging is one key area of focus in the company’s efforts to achieve this goal. 

    “HKScan is renewing its packaging to make it even more responsible. Our goal is to ensure that all our packaging is recyclable by the end of 2025, at the latest. At the same time, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging by 20 per cent and the amount of packaging plastics by 20 per cent from the levels in 2019”, states Markus Gotthardt, VP, Commercial for HKScan in Finland.

    HKScan has the exclusive right to use Woodly® materials in select product categories

    To replace its fossil plastics, HKScan is working co-operatively with Woodly Oy, a Finnish company developing a new type of plastic based on wood cellulose. As a result of this co-operation, HKScan will be the first company to have exclusive rights to use the wood-based Woodly® plastics in the meat product category in Finland. The company will utilise the plastics on select grilling sausage packages during the coming summer. 

    “By using the carbon neutral Woodly component, we will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the ready packaging film by more than 50 per cent in comparison to traditional plastic packaging”, explains Gotthardt. 

    The main raw component in Woodly materials, namely coniferous cellulose, comes from certified, sustainably managed coniferous forests. The renewable aspect of the material makes it a viable option to replace packaging materials made from fossil ingredients. Packaging film made from Woodly materials is manufactured and converted for HKScan’s use by Wipak, a company operating as part of Wihuri Group in Finland. Woodly-based packaging materials are recycled as plastics.

  • Closed can-to-can recycling loop does not bring best environmental and economic performance for aluminium aerosols

    Demands for increasing recycled material content in packaging and recycling in the sense of a closed product loop are gathering momentum in the industry. The question is whether such a closed product loop recycling is under environmental and economic aspects advantageous for aluminium aerosols compared to a closed material loop approach.

  • A High-Tech Company with a Long Tradition: 70 Years of Schreiner Group

    For Schreiner Group based in Oberschleissheim near Munich, 2021 marks a very special year. Founded in 1951, the high-tech company is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The past seven decades have seen the family-owned firm evolve from a garage business into the hidden champion with international operations that it is today. Now, 1,200 people are employed at four locations worldwide, most of them at the company’s headquarters in the north of Munich.

  • Palsgaard’s pellet line expansion supports growing demand for food-grade plant-based polymer additives

    Palsgaard A/S is driving the trend towards more natural ingredients and additives as industries strive for enhanced sustainability by increasing the use of renewables in their materials sourcing. The Danish pioneer in food emulsifiers has opened a new 10,000 tonnes pellet line that also expands the manufacturer’s production capacity for Einar® brand plant-based polymer additives.

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