• IndiaCorr Expo and India Folding Carton gears up to reunite the corrugated case manufacturing and folding carton industry after the long gap of two years from 23-25 October 2021 at India Expo Centre in Greater Noida.

    As economy begins to recover and businesses are bouncing back in full swing, IndiaCorr Expo and India Folding Carton gears up to reunite the corrugated case manufacturing and folding carton industry after the long gap of two years from 23-25 October 2021 at India Expo Centre in Greater Noida.

  • Sweden’s best-selling sausages now wrapped in renewable paper-based packaging by Mondi

    • HKScan’s leading Swedish sausage brand Scan Falukorv 800 g is now packed with Mondi’s renewable paper-based packaging
    • By switching from an unrecyclable plastic multi-layer material to paper-based packaging, the carbon footprint has been reduced significantly


    Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has worked with Nordic food manufacturer HKScan to provide renewable paper-based packaging for its best-selling Falukorv sausage.

  • V-Shapes to Present Innovative Print, Fill & Seal Converting/Packaging Machine at Fachpack

    See live on-demand production of unique single-dose sachets that can be opened with a single gesture using one hand with V-Shapes PRIME with in-line printing

  • Packaging solutions for sensitive products

    Wolfertschwenden, 14 September 2021 - At this year's Compamed MULTIVAC will be exhibiting packaging solutions for sensitive products. The highlight will be the RX 4.0 thermoforming packag-ing machine in GMP design, which will be presented to the visitors for the first time. In conjunction with an integrated handling mod-ule and an InteliJet HD digital printer from BELL-MARK, it forms an efficient solution for producing and printing combi packs containing a syringe, filter and vial.

  • Faultless Linerless Labels for Food Labelling


    Ravenwood considers this a ‘bond of trust’, developed and refined over many years. From label design concepts, all the way through to the product landing on supermarket shelves.

    Let’s fully explain the food labelling process

    Supplied across a world-wide network of machinery distributors and label converters, the tried and tested formula safeguards food manufacturers and brand owners. With strict standards and guidelines in force, means that their food labelling won’t let them down at any stage during the production and application process.

    Label Stock and Adhesives

    For the best label substrates, adhesives and silicones, Ravenwood has sourced and developed a vast selection from the industry’s leading raw material suppliers. Label materials include a range of paper weights up to 300gsm. Label stock available includes water resistant, food grade and pp film to suit many different types of foods and storage environments. A food grade adhesive has also recently been developed and is now available for direct contact with food.

    Com500 Coater 

    In order to produce the labels, a label converter would need to purchase a Com500. Standing at 4 metres wide and 2 metres deep, the coater is the only system dedicated to producing Ravenwood linerless labels. So let’s summarise linerless. A silicone strip is applied to the top of the label reel and an adhesive strip is also then applied in the same position, on the underside. This allows for the reel of labels to be wound on a roll without the need for toxic label liner. Subsequently, the reel of labels ‘sticks’ to itself. Backing paper is bad for the planet, as it needs to be landfilled. Opting for linerless means zero liner to landfill and reduced CO2 emissions.

    Nobac 5000 Linerless Applicators

    For the food labelling application, a machinery distributor would need to purchase a Nobac 5000 linerless applicator. The sleevers are designed for maximum flexibility, in applying a diverse range of linerless labels. Over the years, many new machine variants have been adapted, due to customer demand for offering increased flexibility. The Nobac machine range is extremely robust, suiting even the most rigorous of factory environments. Speeds of up to 150 packs per minute can be achieved. The latest to be launched is the new 5000L, Fruit Lid machine.

    VXR Vision Pack Inspection System

    Last in line, but certainly not least, is the VXR Vision Pack Inspection System. Ravenwood consider this the ‘end of line solution provider’. The VXR can be linked to a Nobac 5000. When combining its three technologies, the key functionality of the VXR system is to identify and reject food trays that are seen to contain errors. As well as checking for faulty labels, printing errors, barcodes and use-by dates. And with x-rays, the system can detect a broad range of dense mass and contaminates. Furthermore, ‘seal check’ ensures that the seal is secure on all food trays. It can also ‘count’ the number of products in a tray, such as meatballs. The VXR will safeguard your brand and avoid costly food recalls.

    Ravenwood’s Global Network of Machinery Distributors and Printer Partners

    Ravenwood’s network of 38 machinery distributors and 21 printer partners are automatically signed up as members of the ‘Circle of Linerless’. They are briefed fully as to the entire process and realise that cutting corners and using cheaper, sub standard alternatives is not an option. Brand owners want quality and consistency where their food labelling is concerned, in addition to the overall sustainability benefits.

    Driving Down CO2

    All Ravenwood machinery is built in the UK. This means that carbon emissions are kept to a minimum and this is especially apparent where the Nobac 5000 linerless applicator is concerned. Over 90% of the machine’s weight is produced in the UK and all parts are machined on site at Ravenwood’s factory in Norwich or sourced within a 4-mile radius.

    More and more brand owners are now switching to linerless in a bid for carbon neutrality. As mentioned, the main USP of linerless is that there is no release liner. By eliminating the liner carries many benefits, including zero waste to landfill, disposal costs and a much-reduced carbon footprint. Linerless is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable process of food labelling. In 2020, Ravenwood prevented 12.1 million KG of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. In the same year, Ravenwood produced 5 billion labels worldwide, thus saving 82 million m2 of label liner going to landfill or incineration.

    Circle of Linerless – Fast Facts

    • Faultless linerless labels
    • Performance guarantee
    • Fully approved sustainable materials
    • 24/7 support
    • Disaster recovery
    • Preloved Programme
    • Dedicated distributor and printer network
  • Ravenwood Release New Linerless Water Resistant Paper



    Developed exclusively for Ravenwood by Antalis, this ground breaking product is now available to order from Ravenwood’s approved global linerless printer network.

    The new material has been developed for applications where there is high condensation or humidity, but also where the end user wants an alternative to using a film product. In certain countries, film is not an option and subsequently, logistics in these regions are still proving to be a challenge. With the launch of the new water resistant product, Ravenwood considers that Black Label WRX will offer a viable solution. The material is available from 170gsm through to 300gsm.

    Paul Beamish, Ravenwood Founder and Managing Director said: “This is another valuable addition to our ever growing approved materials for linerless. Covered by our ‘Circle of Linerless’, these materials have been developed exclusively by Antalis to give maximum performance and efficiency when run, using our range of Nobac applicators.”

    Neil Mason, Sales Manager at Antalis said: “We are pleased to be able to continue to support and further develop our product offering to Ravenwood and the linerless business. After two years of development work, we are able to further expand our product offering in order to meet the demands of Ravenwood’s linerless label production. The new material will enable us to expand in to new linerless markets where paper and its associated environmental statistics play a key role, in our client’s considerations.”

    Antalis is the UK’s leading distributor for papers, packaging and visual communication solutions. The sheer number of eco-responsible labels placed on products can be confusing – and knowing ‘at a glance’, what is ‘green’ and what isn’t, can be difficult. Antalis has launched a clear solution with its Green Star System. Using a universally recognised method to rank services and products. Find out more on Antalis and its Green Star System.

  • European tube market stable even in pandemic times

    Despite the ongoing pandemic, the european tube manufacturers association (etma) reports stable deliveries in the first half of 2021. The total deliveries of aluminum, plastic and laminate tubes even increased slightly by 0.5 percent to a level of around 6 billion units.

    While deliveries to the pharmaceutical industry fell by 11 percent, deliveries to the dental care market increased by 4 percent, to the cosmetics market by 2 percent and to the markets for food and household products by as much as 10 percent and 13 percent respectively.

  • Mondi scores a hat trick at Austrian Green Packaging Star Awards

    Mondi, global leader in packaging and paper, has won three awards for sustainable packaging at the Austrian Green Packaging Star Awards.

    The annual Green Packaging Star Awards recognise environmentally-friendly packaging and recycling solutions, as well as packaging-related improvements in operational processes in production, logistics, and distribution. The award is presented by Kompack magazine and the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology.

    The judges of these awards recognised the high standard of the following three Mondi products:

  • PACT Awarded US Patent for Thermo Shield™ Fire Suppressant Shipping Wrap


    100% recyclable wrap solution exceeds SAE G27 lithium battery packaging performance standards

  • 7 Reasons to Use Soap Boxes with Window


    What is the best way to let customers see the actual product before the purchase? Gone are the days when you can rely on fully transparent plastic boxes to showcase your product. Firstly, it is not a reliable option. Moreover, it is a serious threat to the environment, even if you use biodegradable material, the production process can leave several carbon footprints. So what is another way to win customer's trust and convince them to prefer your products over the competition? The answer is custom boxes with windows. Give your customers a sneak peek of the inside and turn their boring shopping experience into exceptional with die-cut window packaging.

    Importance Of Soap Boxes with Window for Your Brand

    In the saturated soap market, there are fewer opportunities available to leave a killer impression on the customers. When presented on the shelves, all the products look almost the same. The only thing which makes the points of difference is the packaging solution. To stand out in the crowd, Custom Soap Boxes with windows are an ideal choice for the brands. The window packaging comes in many sizes and shapes with a custom design. You can choose your options depending on what suits your brand and the product. From the material choice to the window shape, you can customize everything about it.

    Customers Want to Know What Is Inside

    Custom boxes with windows give a clear glimpse of the inside content. It is an ideal solution for your soap product because it invites customers to look and interact with the product. Customers mostly choose the products which they can see before the purchase. They are ready to switch the brand if they are not getting the desired transparency. Adding a little clarity can fuel sales and improve your business growth.  By adding a customized window, you can make the product part of the design and enhance the customer experience with it.

    Offers Versatile Design Options

    Upon visiting the stores, you must have seen the shelves bombarded with thousands of products. If you go to the soap aisle, all the soaps will look the same. It is nearly impossible to differentiate one brand's product from the other, but custom window packaging can make your product stand out. From the cardboard boxes with windows to the double window container, there are several versatile options available to meet your needs. You can have clear packaging in the desired shape and size, and it is easy to customize it with different patterns and designs to increase the visual appeal.

    Boxes for Bath Bombs

    Affordable Window Boxes for Bath Bombs

    One of the biggest benefits of using window Boxes for Bath Bombs is affordability. All brands look for a packaging solution that not only offers beauty but is also easy on the pockets. Cardboard and corrugated are the perfect choices when you have a low budget. They may be low in price but higher in quality. Moreover, if you want a fully recyclable solution at your affordability, Kraft hanger boxes and brown boxes with windows are ideal options. Adding a window patching means eliminating the need for printing and customization. A transparent solution doesn't need many details to draw attention.

    A Secure and Durable Choice

    Many brands have the misconception that custom boxes with soap are not a durable and secure choice for the delicate product. But as we have said, it is only a misconception. You only have to make high-quality choices to make your packaging as secure as needed. Use the right patch film to protect the inside content from heat, moisture, and dust. A low-quality film can break or get scratched easily. Another thing that you need to consider is to opt for the right window size. Opt for medium and smaller size cut-outs because large windows are more prone to damage.

    Gives Your Product a Professional and Modern Look

    The world is moving fast forward towards modernism. Customers want things that are not functional but also meet today’s standards. Keep every changing trend in mind while designing soap packaging. A modern yet professional look can make customers choose your product without any second thought. So incorporate windows to your boxes in different die-cut shapes for a modern look. Not only the shape, but you can customize the box according to your requirements. When other brands are competing with high-end solutions, allow your customers to view the product without opening the box.

    It Drives Sales and Brings Repeat Business

    The ultimate goal of every brand is to draw customers and boosts sales, but it is not a cup of team. A high-quality product is not enough to influence purchase decisions. When it comes to driving sales, product and packaging go side by side. When you invest in one thing, you have to invest in another as well. Customized window packaging is the right tool to drive sales. When you will be successful in winning the customer's trust, it will not be hard to make them come back for repeat business.

    Retail Display Boxes

    Retail Display Boxes with Window Entice Customers

    In retail stores, it is becoming hard to capture attention due to high competition. Products presented in the high-quality display boxes have higher chances to get sold as compared to the ones showcased on the shelves. So invest in the right solution and start using boxes with windows to capture the attention instantly. It will help to maximize the display and sales in the retails environment. When it comes to customization and personalization, not many styles can meet the standards of the retail industry.

    There is nothing better than giving your customers a glimpse of the inside content by using Retail Display Boxes with windows. You can choose from a variety of options available for your soap packaging. It all depends on your creativity and how you want to showcase your product to attract maximum attention. Don't miss your chance to provide your customers with the ultimate shopping and unboxing experience.

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