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Hyderabad Startup Launches Compostable Bags To Provide Sustainable Packaging Solutions

SpruceGel is making sustainable bags that would biodegrade within six months since the cloth bags sold in the market have polypropylene which is harmful to the environment.

With an aim to provide sustainable product-packaging solutions, a Hyderabad-based startup is all set to launch a range of eco-friendly compostable bags. SpruceGel is going to provide greener alternatives to carry bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, apparel bags as well as disposable pouches. Speaking to The New Indian Express, Dr Premnath Basa who is a materials scientist and has co-founded the company said that their organisation comprises of a team of entrepreneurs sharing the common goal of manufacturing 'green and sustainable products' for packaging purposes. He explained that the cloth bags which are being sold in the market and is being used as an alternative to plastic has polypropylene which is harmful to the environment. He said that SpruceGel products are 100 per cent biodegradable and compostable under controlled conditions.

The bags are made from starch extracted either from corn or sugarcane and would biodegrade within six months once disposed of, according to the scientist. He also said stated that the decomposition would be toxic residue-free. "However, careless disposal, home composting or backyard composting are not recommended for our products. Users can contact us or local municipality for guidelines on proper disposal," said Dr Premnath. The publication reported that the company's factory in Jeedimetla suburb caters to hospitals and bio-medical industries, hotels, residential complexes, pharmacies, retails stores and other sectors. It added that their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for carrying bags is 2,000 pieces/order and the company accepts payments via online wire transfer to their bank account. Describing the team, Dr Premnath said that the company was founded in 2019 and the team which is being led by two women amongst the three founders has spent a period of over 12 months in research and development.


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