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Label Recycling Service


Paragon print and packaging has set up a selfadhesive label waste recycling service for any business that wants to reduce the amount of rubbish it sends to landfill. the lincolnshire food packaging and label supplier also plans to start building a new carbonneutral facility in boston by the end of this year. Following a sixmonth pilot with seven customers of different sizes to evaluate performance criteria and to ensure that the firm could minimise its carbon footprint by offering the recycling service, paragon is now offering it to customers, noncustomers and label manufacturers across the UK. They will pay a handling charge of 70 per tonne.

The firm already has a dedicated recycling facility at its spalding site, which handles 60 of the waste from its eight manufacturing sites. Paragon has estimated that 50,000 tonnes of selfadhesive label waste is sent to landfill each year in the uk. Businesses that use selfadhesive labels are left with the siliconised liner paper each time a label is applied. According to paragon, this represents 30-40% of the total weight of a label product and accounts for around 30,000 tonnes of landfill each year.paragon will recycle and reprocess this waste into tissue paper and sweet wrappers.

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