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Usability Challenges to Packaging Industry

September 22, 2014 By: Subhash Chadra Bose Category: General

Packaging plays very important role in marketing and it is the medium between the company and end user. Your packaging spend should be 8 to 10% of the total cost average. The average consumer spends just few seconds in making decision whether to buy your product or not, so your packaging design need to design for targeted users with targeted message.

Always have these questions in mind

  • Who is going to buy your product?
  • What is their language?
  • What kinds of colours and designs are most successful to that demographic area?
  • Are the buyers primarily male or female?
  • Will they come from younger or old age bracket?
  • Is it easy to use or handle?

Packaging designers struggle for several years in making packaging easy to use targeted users. But still they have challenges like

  • Child proof
  • Sustainability
  • Recycling and reusability
  • Supply chain
  • Storage
  • Environmental effects
  • Cost efficiency
  • Brand promotion

In order to design, we really need to understand the product which it has to contain. Most important thing is to know product and its function then need to design our packaging in a way to deliver our branding.

Marketing Vs Innovation

September 18, 2014 By: Subhash Chadra Bose Category: General

Every business has to focus on Marketing as well as on Innovation. Here we are talking especially about packaging industry. Packaging is the ultimate marketing tool for any product. For retail industry packaging can be a major metric for defining success. If you can launch your product with a very innovative design it gets noticed in very less time. Innovative design also helps in brand promotion too.

Spend extra time on packaging part which helps your marketing campaign too. Your quality packaging conveys the quality of your product. In modern days people more keen on look and feel of the packaging. At the same time your product packaging should be easy to handle and sustainable too.

For example:

  • It should not be too big or too small
  • It should fit to any retail outlet
  • It should be easy to open


Targeted Customers: Define, understand & innovate
To make your packaging innovative you need to have very close eye on your competitors. Generally for packaging design you need to keep interests, hobbies and age group of your targeted customers. For younger generation packaging should be fun, eye catchy, for middle age group should be decent & fun and for older people usability is very important thing.

Potential Areas: Identify, Execute & Measure
When you have innovative packaging for your product next you need to identify the potential areas. Here you need to go with some innovative ideas to market your product. Run partnership marketing campaigns.

Lock Stock and Barrel

August 26, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, Innovations


 Its an interesting book that i read many years back. It talks about the familiar sayings and their meanings. This reminds me that for we packaging technologists, the life is not different. If I try to explain the meaning of book from packaging technologists' point of view, its:

1. Lock: Tamper evidence

2. Stock: Material options and availabillty

3. Barrel: Its the real container where the complete packaging technology is built up

So here in this article, now we will try to give you more meanings about the popular words in packaging and we also expect you to add your familiar packaging sayings here for the benefit of entire packaging community.

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Global Innovation Index 2014 and Packaging Innovations through Interpack 2014

July 29, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, Innovations

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.

William Pollard

Do we have Innovation DNA to initiate the change which is inevitable?

As per a recent GII (Global Innovation Index) study of 143 countries. The theme for this year’s GII is the ‘Human Factor in Innovation’. The importance of both individual and collective efforts of creators and scientists in the innovation process has been well documented in the literature. Topping the ranks is Switzerland, followed by UK and Sweden. USA at 6, Korea at 16, India at 76.

There is lot to do on innovations and companies across the globe need to gear up and take innovation with more zeal to bring path breakers and Game changer.

We all are just back from on of the biggest innovation shows for packaging Interpack 2014. We invite you all to share your creative DNA with the world and be part of the change. Please send us your innovations, with description and a high resolution picture and we will feature it our Interpack 2014 Innovation report. If you can send samples we would be happy to receive them.

Look forward to your contribution to make a change!

Read the complete GII report:

To know more about us:
Corporate presentation –
Video 1
Video 2

Thank you and Enjoy the Wonders Of Packaging!

Amita Venkatesh
Associate – Scientific Affairs & Consultancy

Virtual Email Consulting – PackagingVEC

July 12, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, Innovations

Packaging Connections

Hello Packaging Friends,

PackagingVEC - Virtual Email Consultancy


" Ideally a book should not be judged by its cover, but ironically an attractive cover is what makes you pick it up in the first place "

In an era where packaging has evolved from being a mere activity of putting goods in a box to becoming a core business vertical supporting critical businesses worldwide, the need for an unified platform catering to a variety of packaging needs was inevitable.

Pioneering in this direction, we present a world of unlimited options, the world of – a one click destination for the A to Z in packaging.

In addition to a wide spectrum of custom online services, consulting projects, e books, e learning, packaging KPO, Content marketing, 24×7 access to packaging knowledge portal, nurturing alliances & business support to foreign players we are now excited to launch our another vertical – VIRTUAL EMAIL CONSULTING.

Considering sustainability by reducing carbon footprints being generated on account of business travels, we have launched this model wherein we will provide consulting through emails.

Our experience also supports the fact that consulting can happen virtually also minimizing the travels. Under this vertical we will provide following services:



Vendor Identification



Specification Guidelines



Competition Benchmarking



Equivalency Studies




To know more about these services and virtual consulting, please contact me at

Best regards and Enjoy Wonders Of Packaging!,

Bhaskar Ch

Chhavi Goel . | Research & Business Consulting

Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt Ltd

Visit us : | Email me :

Salary survey 2014: Packaging Professionals

July 11, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General

Salary is one of the most important criteria bases which employees accept jobs. It has always been a challenge for employers and employees to understand the right balance. We got a very good response on our salary survey for packaging industry done 2 years back. The analysis was shared with the industry and was appreciated.

This year we are again back with the survey to analyse the current situation and again share with industry the results of salary survey, for the benefit of both employers and employee in the packaging industry. So we look forward to your responses, the link to survey is

This is a non – profitable survey conducted by

To know more about us:
Corporate presentation –
Video 1
Video 2


Thank you and Enjoy the Wonders Of Packaging!

 Amita Venkatesh
Associate – Scientific Affairs & Consultancy

Senior friendly packaging : survey results

June 20, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, Innovations

Hello Packaging Friends

Recently while doing some online research, I happen to come across an interesting discussion on a study done by ‘Chemnitz University of Technology’ to understand difficulties faced by senior citizens when it comes to opening various types of packaging.

In the study, senior citizens of both sexes aged from 57 to 77 were invited in the test. Without any time limit, they were asked to open a total of 35 different types of product packaging varying from medication to foodstuffs to cosmetics.

Results were an eye opener that shows failing strength of elderly people in terms of motor functions and vision, leading to difficulty in opening majority of the packs – cardboard boxes, cartons, plastic bags, flexible pouches and so on.

To understand the scenario for Indian / Global companies on how critical they think about this issue, we conducted a survey wherein packaging professionals across the globe have participated and the results we got were quite surprising.

Many people think senior friendly feature is important for pharma sector mainly but is this actual scenario? In modern world where joint family’s system is slowly diminishing, elderly people are staying away from their children and hence has to handle all household chores on their own. This involves dealing with every kind of product packaging from food stuffs, laundry detergents, floor cleaner, pesticides, equipment and appliances and so on. This gives a valid reason to consider senior friendly feature all kind of products/consumer goods industry.

All companies dealing with FMCG products should have this as a critical feature but result shows only 56% companies agrees considering this while designing a pack. Few companies consider implementing senior friendly feature mainly due to regulatory requirements or company policies, not because this gives value addition to consumers.

Another interesting analysis that came from the survey is “labelling”. Many think that this is not a parameter to make a pack senior friendly but actually this is one of the critical parameters. Clear labels in terms of instruction on usage, opening, nutrition, serving etc also defines a senior convenience feature for a pack

Another outcome of the survey shows lack of awareness on various options in making a pack senior friendly and innovations in packaging.

The detailed analysis and data can be downloaded in form of the report –

We look forward to your valuable inputs on the same to understand the scenario in micro aspects as well.


Chhavi Goel (Research & Business Consulting)

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April 09, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: Innovations

Chanakya’s analogy: If there is only one wheel in a bullock cart, the cart keeps going in circles. There is movement, but no progress. There is action, but no direction. One wheel alone does not turn.
So we alone cannot do everything and you are our other wheel to run this cart called We need your involvement and contribution to make this packaging knowledge platform to be more & more resourceful and useful to packaging community.
We will also be at the Interpack 2014 and would be pleased to meet you. We are in Hall 7, Level 2, Booth  E 18
Given below are some links where you can actively contribute and also gain some insights. We are looking forward to your involvement,
1.    Visit regularly
2.    Industry professionals are sharing their love for packaging at our linked group
3.    Bring your packaging ideas and innovative opportunities to live that might help improve packaging values
4.    Submit your innovations in just two simple steps
5.    Meet us at Interpack 2014
6.    Share your packaging news with the world
7.    Meet SAVY – always happy to help for all your packaging requirements
10. Follow us on Twitter
Please remember that One wheel alone does not turn and you are our other wheel. Let us support each other to spread packaging knowledge.
Enjoy Wonders Of packaging!
Sandeep Kumar Goyal
Founder & CEO

Senior Friendly Packaging

March 24, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, Innovations


A recent campaign has been conducted by ‘Chemnitz University of Technology’ to understand difficulties faced by senior citizens when it comes to opening various types of packaging.


The result of this campaign shows failing strength of elderly people in terms of motor functions and vision, leading to difficulty in opening majority of the packs – cardboard boxes, cartons, plastic bags, flexible pouches and so on

To comprehend it better, our team at Packaging Connections has designed a survey on “senior friendly packaging”.


We look forward to your replies to understand the current trends and analysis on how important "senior friendly packaging" is for our (packaging) industry.

Once completed, we will share the results / analysis with the participants

For joining the survey please follow this link –


Sandeep Kumar Goyal
Founder & CEO

Outernet of Packaging Innovations at Interpack 2014

March 03, 2014 By: Sandeep Goyal Category: General, Innovations


Hello!! Friends of Packaging!

Building of "Outernet" for free global Wi-Fi access is in progress by a US company. The idea is to offer free internet access to all people regardless of location. This is the interesting development in this fast developing networked life. In fact what is said that "visibility and activity on social media will be future of businesses in this century".

So as for packaging professionals to be effective, it's also critical that they can access the packaging innovations and news at one place quickly and timely. This is what we are developing at We call it Outernet of Packaging. We would be available at Interpack 2014 and would be glad to take you through this amazing world of packaging innovations.

Please do let us know if you are visiting Interpack and we will be pleased to connect with you,

With kind regards and Enjoy Wonders Of Packaging!

Sandeep Kumar Goyal

Founder & CEO