HOT TEA FLASK  Serve your Tea 'HOT' to your Customers

hot tea flask

Hot Tea Flask

In our daily life we come across with different Packaging solutions which solve many problems and make our life easier. Being a Packaging consultant, many a times we are addressed with new inquiries and new challenges. One such frequent demand is for "HOT TEA PACKAGING" for various small business and new start-ups.

To serve industry with packaging solutions, we have come up with an excellent ready to use solution - “Hot Tea Flask”. This flask is simple and easy to assemble. This flask can act as a good take away solution for your product such as tea, coffee and soup. It can also be used for supplying fresh produced juice as a QSR (Quick Serving Restaurant).

Key USP:

• Keep tea hot for ~1.5-2 hours.
• It can be used for any hot filled beverage or products for QSR.
• Easy Gripping
• Easy dispensing by spout.

hot tea flask

Inner Pouch Features

Contain 4 Tea Cups (500ml)

Longer Hot Time For 1.5 to 2hours.

Larger Length more headspace, provides more space for steam from hot tea and prevents pouch bursting.

inner pouch

Bigger Spout Dia so convenient to put and pour beverage. Also prevents spillage.

Tamper Evident Seal Closure features a tamper evident seal which have to break before opening the container.

Outer Carton Features

Sturdy Carton

E-Fluted carton which provides cushioning and ACTS AS INSULATOR OF HEAT.

Interlocking Bottom Easy to form carton with interlocking bottom.

outer carton

Circular space to fit the spout inside.

Sizes Available

500ml ( In stock) | 1000ml ( Not in stock)



Unprinted Flask
  • Unprinted Carton: Rs.11.25 / Each
  • Unprinted Pouch: Rs.13.75 / Each
  • Price of Total Assembly (Basic): 25.00
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100
  • Freight: Freight will be extra on actual.
  • Tax @ 12% on carton & 18% on pouches
Printed Flask
  • Printed Carton: 9.50
  • Unprinted Pouch: 12.00
  • Price of Total Assembly (Basic): 21.50
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 3000
  • Freight: Freight will be extra on actual.
  • Tax @ 12% on carton & 18% on pouches
  • Printing cost: Depending on Artwork


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