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Sorbead India is serving worldwide clients by providing high quality and effective desiccant packaging solutions for protecting the healthcare products. Our desiccants which are manufactured especially to enhance the shelf life of the medicines and drugs are highly appreciated in pharmaceutical industry. We are expertise in manufacturing wide range of moisture controlling packaging solutions including the pharma desiccants for adsorbing the moisture, humidity, odour from the products packaging in the boxes, bottles or large shipping containers

We believe in manufacturing and supplying variety of desiccants used widely in food and pharmaceutical products with the help of powerful packaging technologies. We do not leave a single door open for getting any kind of disappointment from the clients and customers using our products

Our skilled and dedicated team of engineers works hard to bring best possible pharmaceutical desiccants available in the form of desiccant tablets, packets, bags etc that can be kept inside the product packaging or containers for the dehydration process. They are highly efficient in maintaining the effectiveness of the end products during the transportation and storage. They are highly capable of keeping your products away from the damaging effects of moisture in the packed food products and pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. No matter how long is the journey of exporting the products from one location to another, variety of desiccants manufactured by Sorbead India ensures to provide the best packaging solution to meet all demands of different applications such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diagnostics kits and medical devices

We very well know how to meet the specific product quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and follow the exclusive path to bring the desired outcome with our offered pharma desiccants and adsorbents

Just trust our broad array of moisture controlling solution that comes in bags, sachets, packets to protect your products from any kind of damage or spoilage due to moisture. We work closely with our clients and focus on providing the products that best fits their needs and maintain the performance of their products. If you want to get more information about our offered desiccants for your particular application or industry and other related services, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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We are always available to help you in selecting right desiccant based on the application and product packaging.
We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing quality services to our customers
We have a broad array of moisture controlling solutions that comes in bags, sachets, packets and other forms to protect your products
We cater to versatile industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diagnostics kits and medical devices


Our desiccants are designed specially for pharmaceutical and API packaging. These include silica gel packets, molecular sieve packets, activated carbon and clay packets, humidity indicating cards, pillow pack, unit pack, canisters, pharmaceutical coils, etc. The products are formulated by keeping in mind the exact needs of the medical drugs and devices that require to be maintained properly regardless of the packaging type and size. Whatever type of desiccant you choose for the packaging boxes, bottles or containers, it must be highly capable of maintaining the integrity of the products throughout the shelf life. This is what, our desiccants assured to provide you.

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Desiccants Packets for Pharmaceuticals

It’s of no secret that the impact of moisture and humidity in the industrial sector is massive specially for the packaged products. This can affect the quality and characteristics of various packaged products. In order to overcome such situations, the application of desiccant packets has become inevitable in the industrial sectors. These packets are used […]

Humidify Indicator Cards for Glass Packaging

Humidity often causes severe damage to the various products especially; those are sensitive to the moisture and other natural impurities present in the air. The tendency of getting damaged or spoiled or even causing chemical reactions is massively seen in the food products and in the pharmaceutical products. These are very sensitive and most important […]


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