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How to Solve Printed Packaging Workflow Issues Without Changing your Whole Process

This informative white paper gives updated information on Printed Workflow Challenges, Pitfalls of Proofreading Manually and various case studies related to work flow issues.

The ultimate guide to Sustainable Packaging

An interesting eBook on the subject which is designed to help anyone involved in packaging identify the best option for their brand in today’s climate.  Source - Law Print & Packaging (UK)

Introduction to Machine Vision

This whitepaper gives an introduction to "machine vision" - a guide to automating process and quality improvement It is a very informative white paper to understand the  -

Print Direction Chart

An important and easy chart to understand print direction. Courtesy : Arlin Mfg. Co., Inc
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Producing Quality Packages on Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Baggers‐  The Basics

This technical paper discusses the key basic principles of bag forming and sealing on vertical form‐fill‐seal packaging machines.  Discussion of the design, function and adjustment of forming sets and sealing jaws is organized sequentially, following the film from the roll as it is formed into a tube, back‐sealed, filled with product, and end‐sealed.  

New Control Concepts for Plastics Machinery

The Digital Twin Extends the Business Model  Source link -
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While some of the changes might not make

While some of the changes might not make Bet Awards 2018 Live

PAC and INNO Ticket

PACKINNO & SinnoPack are concurrent International Exhibition on Packaging Products, Packaging Machinery & Materials. In 2018, the 25th edition of this event is scheduled to organise from March 10 to 12 at China Import and Export Fair Complex . 

Plastic drums Paneling Issue

This report will explain the causes of paneling and suggest some possible ways to eliminate or minimize the paneling of plastic drums.


A white paper by COGNEX highlighting the importance of machine vision for ensuring food safety and quality

The Role of Packaging in the Frozen Foods Sector

Frozen food packaging should be puncture resistant, moisture resistant, leak-proof and durable enough to withstand heavy drop weight.

IndiaCorr Expo 2017

IndiaCorr Expo – SinoCorrugated 2017 is India’s largest and most comprehensive show on corrugated case manufacturers industry.

Laser coding benefits

Overcome laser coding challenges of production lines in the food and beverage industry

Laser Coding for Food and Beverage Industry

Laser coding solutions for the food and beverage industry - A white paper by Markem Imaje explaining technical challenges of modern production lines and their required solutions.

Active and Intelligent Packaging - NFC

The definition of Active and Intelligent Packaging is derived from four basic functions of packaging. Download the white paper from "Intertape Polymer Group" to know interesting details about this technology. Contact Information  - Jeff Coats (Director Marketing Development)

Qipack Leak Detection System

Case study about Qipack Leak Detection System installed  at the pouch manufacturer Scholle IPN. It is an innovative detection system that won a prize at the NL Packaging Awards competition this year.

MAP to extend product shelf life without preservatives

An informtative white paper on MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) that extends product shelf life without preservatives. Source - AVI Global Plast Contact - Mr. Sumit Saha (

2nd International Trade Show & Conference on Plastics Industry

2nd International Trade Show & Conference on Plastics Industry

New Delhi Plastics Expo - P4

New Delhi Plastics Expo - check out their partners

P4 In Pragati Maidan

Witness the power of plastics at P4 expo 2017


The benefits of universal marking system management to consumer packaged goods manufacturers



Continuous Inkjet: The Technology Of The Future

Videojet has introduced new inks to help reduce waste to landfills. The details are available at this link    

Evaluating Water Vapour Permeation Of Pla Nanocomposite Film For Food Packaging

Latest Case Study From Systech Illinois Related To Properties Of Pla Nanocomposite Film For Food Packaging      

` Pharmaceutical Serialization Track And Trace

An eays guide to country-wise mandates Source - external document (c) 2014 infosys limited Reference - internet  

Serialization - A Worldwide Challenge

The article presents operational considerations and related recommended approaches for implementing serialization to address existing and upcoming regulatory requirements in a pharmaceutical environment - Written by dana buker (innovatum, inc.) And david loy (aphena pharma solutions)  

Reducing The Moisture Content In Polypropylene Packaging Of Blood Bags

An interesting and informative write-up on blood bag packaging and issues regarding moisture content. Reference - international journal of emerging technology and advanced engineering (image - random pict of bloog bag picked form google)  

Overview of Gateway Analytical

Corporate Overview of Gateway Analytical

Evaluation of Pharma vials for glass delamination

A Case Study done by Gateway Analytical – Evaluation of Pharma vials for glass delamination

Proactive Versus Reactive Testing for Glass Delamination in Pharma

Proactive Versus Reactive Testing for Glass Delamination in Pharmaceuticals - Gateway Analytical

Glass Delamination Analysis

Complete details on Glass Delamination Analysis by Gateway Analytical

Glass delamination

Glass delamination Analysis for Pharma Vials – Detailed overview by Sanex

Controlled-Release Testing

Controlled-Release Testing using Raman Chemical Imaging - Gateway Analytical

Characterization of a Controlled Release Bead

Characterization of a Controlled Release Bead using Wide-Field Raman Chemical Imaging  - Gateway Analytical

MDI and DPI analysis services

Analytical services suit for the product development of MDIs and DPIs - Gateway Analytical

Marking Systems

Premium Spirits producer eliminates costly government fines with Matthews' MPERIATM

Packaging Jobs and Mentoring

Thank you everyone for excellent particpation on our survey for packaging yoga. Results clearly highlights the current challenges, missings gaps in industry for packaging jobs, suitable candidates and correct guidance.

A Day in a life of a Packaging Professional

We Packaging Professionals are engaged in lot of activities during a day. Some of which are really important part of the projects but others may actually turn up to be a time waste. To get some idea on this, Packaging Connections team designed a small survey to understand the daily activities of a professional. LET’S SEE………….  


The magazine ONdrugDELIVERY has published in April a special edition: “SKIN DRUG DELIVERY: DERMAL, TRANSDERMAL & MICRONEEDLES”.   In this release, GEKA Healthcare offers a scientific article, in which new ways and gestures to apply any liquids & semi-solids products in a precise and hygienic manner are precisely described. Page 9 to 12

4G Hazmat Boxes vs. 4GV Hazmat Boxes, Whats the Difference?

Cardboard also known as fiberboard is a common material used to make boxes for shipping things. When shipping hazardous materials the United Nations designates boxes is either “4G” or “4GV.”
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Safeguarding the safeguards

A highly secure real-time system to verify the authenticity of medicine

Benefits of Pre-Applied Zipper Packaging Film

Reclosable packaging is in a period of rapid growth, as many manufacturers realize the added value reclosable features offer consumers. This is especially true in the food industry, where a push towards reclosability has led to the implementation of a number of reseal technologies: traditional zip locks, slider locks, reusable adhesives and even Velcro-like closures.

Rosas Increases the Shelf life of fresh food (from 21 days) to more than 21 weeks with saving 15% of plastic film on thermoformer

Society ROSAS, specialized in renovation of packaging machines, has developed a process to obtain packages with 100% oxygen free on thermoformer machinery. This process was built on two complementary patents.

The Indian Sub-Continent: World's Fastest Growing Regional Polymer Market

The Indian sub-continent has established itself as the most exciting and dynamic emerging market in the world and is one full of potential and investment opportunities.

A Study of Packaging Efficiency As It Relates to Waste Prevention

Prepared by the Editors of The ULS Report - January 2016 This study, which is a follow-up to similar packaging efficiency studies performed in 1995 and 2007, is designed to do the following: 1. Provide clear and compelling examples of the value of source reduction as a strategy for developing and evaluating sustainable packaging.

CheckDigit™ Blood Band

Blood transfusions may be relatively safe procedures, but they do carry some risk for complications. That’s why blood banks and hospital staffs make every effort to screen, test, and track the blood and blood components they collect. And as technology improves, they hone their system in hopes of boosting patient safety.
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Taking the Stress out of the FDA’s UDI Labelling Regulations

With the application of the FDA’s final ruling on medical devices Unique Device Identification (UDI) system in September 2013 there are now new regulations in force which means that medical device manufacturers will be compelled to implement important labelling changes over the forthcoming years.


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