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Food Regulations

The obama administration has said it will propose new regulations to strengthen the us food safety system and create a position for a deputy food commissioner on tuesday, according to newswire reports.
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No Is Not Just About Being Green

Katherine o&rsquo dea, sustainable packaging coalition packaging digest, pick up any national newspaper or surf your favorite website and you&rsquore bound to find an article about sustainability, focused on the &ldquogreening&rdquo of something&ndashfrequently packaging.
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Camcoferguson Indexers

Industrial motion control, llc imc, headquartered in wheeling, il usa, is a leading manufacturer of precision camactuated index drives, parts handlers, inline conveyors and custom cams.
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Doubling Secutity

Esan &ndash doubling up on security a new approach to antipiracy that almost everyone will welcome. For the pharmaceutical industry, product piracy is a serious issue that threatens both patients&rsquo health, and the profits of the companies who invest so much in developing effective medication.
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Medical Applications Of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate fills an important niche as one of the most popular engineering resins in the medical device market. Bisphenola polycarbonate has been commercially available since the 1960s, and its use in medical devices dates from approximately that time.
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Womens Influence On Packaging

It is no secret that the educational growth, earning power, and consequently the purchasing power of women today is on a definite upward trend, and has been trending in that direction for some time. For example, women currently earn more bachelor&rsquos 57.2 and master&rsquos 58.9 degrees than men source national center for education statistics.
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Versality Of Flexo

Flexography is without doubt the most versatile of all the print processes. What otherprocess can print on a wide range of flexible materials, label stock, corrugatedsubstrate, rigid plastics, envelopes, tissue paper and newsprint and produce anexcellent result in all cases. What other process has been able to utilise a variety ofmachine formats to produce these results.
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Plastic Logic Injectibles

While borosilicate glass has long been the packaging material of choice for drugs administered by injection, plastic is makinginroads in certain applications such as emergency medicine due to glass fragility issues. In other sectors, the material isgaining momentum as a viable alternative to glass vials for a variety of reasons.
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Balanced Packaging Solutions

Objective objective deliver increased customer profitability, deliver increased customer profitability, at desired quality, consistently through the at desired quality, consistently through the balanced use of packaging information and balanced use of packaging information and innovations. Innovations.
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Container Closure Systems For Packaging Human Drugs And Biologics Fda Guideline For Industry

This document is intended to provide guidance on general principles for submitting information 2 on packaging materials used for human drugs and biologics.
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Ask The Expert May 06

Since paper absorbs moisture from atmosphere, it goes through expansion and contraction. This also happens with the lamination film, but that is due to heat variation and not due to moisture absorption. Problem is that the rate of this expansioncontraction is different in two substrates, lamination film and paper.
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Tony Strauff Leakage Testing

Says tony stauffer, president & ceo of packaging technologies & inspection pti, who has over 20 years of experience in leak detection for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food packaging industries.
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Pack Your Menu Retort Pouches

Retort this word is historically and associatively linked with alchemic experiment, laboratory equipment and so on. &lsquoretortable pouch&rsquo, is a pouch, which can be, sterilised with the product inside.


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