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CheckDigit™ Blood Band

Blood transfusions may be relatively safe procedures, but they do carry some risk for complications. That’s why blood banks and hospital staffs make every effort to screen, test, and track the blood and blood components they collect. And as technology improves, they hone their system in hopes of boosting patient safety.

Typenex Medical’s CheckDigit Blood Band provides an extra layer of security for recipients and medical staff alike without adding any extra steps to the transfusion process. By integrating our modern technology with the Cerner Bridge Transfusion Administration product, CheckDigit Blood Bands ensure the right blood goes to the right person.

Information for CheckDigit Blood Bands

identification number (BBID) that creates a link between the patient, the transfusion tag, and the specimen. But CheckDigit Blood Bands also have additional digits embedded in the permanent BBID that stays attached to the patient. Our CheckDigit Blood Band options include:

CheckDigit | Handwritten – The CheckDigit Handwritten Blood Band has plenty of room for handwriting patient information.
CheckDigit | Label – Hospitals with mobile phlebotomy systems and bedside labeling often find this blood band a convenient choice.
CheckDigit | Condensed – Save time and avoid transcription errors with a condensed blood band that doesn’t require the technicians to write down patient information and includes multiple barcoded sticker options.
CheckDigit 8 | Handwritten – Hospitals that require longer stays or extra steps in their protocol prefer the extra stickers available on the CheckDigit™ 8 Handwritten Blood Band.
CheckDigit | Band and Form – CheckDigit Band and Form system is durable up to 7 days of regular patient wear – including daily showering.

Features of CheckDigit Blood Bands
Typenex Medical designed CheckDigit Blood Band to adapt to your clinic’s processes. Features include:

Options - Select the style and number of sticker that best fits your procedures. Both handwritten and pre-printed labels are available.
Customizable patient information options - You decide what data you need, and Typenex Medical creates prompts in large, easy-to-read fonts so your technicians can’t miss it.
Plastic shields - The plastic shield protects the patient’s information and keeps it legible.
A durable band - The CheckDigit band last up to five days.
Compatibility with the R3™ reattachment system - The ability to resize or relocate a blood band helps patients be more comfortable. Most Typenex Medical blood bands can be safely adjusted using our R3™ Reattachment System.
CheckDigit Blood Bands make it easier for your staff to know that the procedures in place are working well.
The embedded digits in the permanent BBID on every CheckDigit Band provide your staff a higher level of confidence that the blood is going to the correct patient. Here’s how it works. Your staff:

Verifies the patient’s identify using your set protocol
Places the patient information on the CheckDigit Blood Band, either writing it out or using a pre-printed label
Applies the blood band to the patient and draws the specimen
Adheres the barcoded stickers to the specimen and any documents required by your procedure In the blood bank, staff members scan the barcode into the Lab Disposables Information System (LIS). When your clinician is completing your pre-transfusion protocol, they scan the blood component and transfusion tag to ensure they share the same barcode information with the record in the LIS.

Finally, your clinician scans the permanent BBID with the hidden check digit. If it matches the other information, the process proceeds, but a mismatch sends an alert to stop the transfusion.CheckDigit Blood Bands ensure the final pre-transfusion check occurs at the patient’s bedside, giving your staff peace of mind that they’ve done everything they need to do to protect the patient.

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