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Tamper-proof Pharmaceutical Packaging

The EU`s Falsified Medicines Directive and the Future of Closure Seals Standardization Source:

The Future of E-Commerce Packaging to 2022

The world market for e-commerce packaging in 2017 is valued at $28.172 billion. This market is forecast for a very lucrative expansion at a rate of 14.3% year-on-year across 2017–2022, yielding a total market value of $54.98 billion in its final year.

Smart cap connects the injection pen and the smartphone.

Connectivity: Add Value to Health Care An “intelligent cap” makes the D-Flex smart: D-Flex Connect replaces the usual cap on the injection system, capturing and collecting data and passing them on to the smartphone. Learn more about Connected Solutions from Haselmeier in the attached pdf.


A pen for injecting one or more predefined dosage volumes.
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Innovative Injection Pen Resources

PLease update contect here

Introducing clean ​label yoghurt – designing alternatives to additives​

Consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about the ingredients in the food they consume and express a desire to see a reduced number of additives. This has led to the development and growth of products with “clean labels”.

FSSAI’s new Labelling and Display regulations: Efforts to encourage consumers make healthier food choices

Healthy diet is one of the key responses to the rising incidence of noncommunicable diseases. Both supply and demand-side interventions are needed to ensure that citizens have access to and eat healthy food. FSSAI has initiated a series of action in this regard. 

The role of packaging for Australian fresh produce

The research report is conducted in Australia. The report was commissioned by the Australian Fresh Produce Alliance and conducted by Empauer and RMIT University.    Here is thecopy of full downloadable report -    Contact - Victor Barichello | +61 (3) 9020 7295  

The D-Flex® Injection Pen for GLP-1 Medication

The Patient-centered Treatment Approach to Type 2 Diabetes For more details contact Sandeep Goyal :

CSIR-CFTRI report on PET evaluation

CSIR-CFTRI handed over the final report on PET evaluation to PACE CSIR-CFTRI had conducted a study with respect to ‘Evaluation of PET bottles for migration studies for food contact applications’ for PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment (PACE), New Delhi and the Final Report was handed over by DG-CSIR in a brief function held at CSIR HQs  

Scientific Advances in Food Safety and Food Security

The FSSAI-Industry collaborations, to strengthen science-based food safety capability in India are progressing rapidly. Given the triple challenges of food safety, food security and nutritional security faced by the country, there is an urgent need to drive improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of overall foodsystem


The automotive industry demands precision patternmatching and alignment solutions for stamped components including frame pieces, safety equipment, motors, and engines. Automation systems rely on machine vision to calculate accurate coordinates, which robots use to pick and align sheet metal blanks with tool and die surfaces.

Circular Economy

In today’s world, the practise of Circular Economy has become significant. Indeed, it should be. We have to minimise waste generation at each step of the process. The definition of the process, here, is wide. Instead, it is related to every activity that we carry out in our daily life whether at home or in office. Read more about the same in the attached presentation.

Tamper-proof Pharmaceutical Packaging

The EU`s Falsified Medicines Directive and the Future of Closure Seals Standardization  


Nemera launch e-devices, Electronic and connected devices to answer patients’ needs

Precise, safe and convenient airless delivery of dermal and transdermal formulations

A comparative study between the Nemera Sof’Bag® airless system and other marketed airless devices

Kilby Adhesive Tape Brochure

The 29-page Adhesive Tape brochure details the range of Kilby's printed, packaging and specialist adhesive tapes

Fresh produce packaging solutions by Victory Packaging

The brochure provides the description of wax saturated produce containers, fruit and vegetable boxes,bins,plastic containers,staplers and shipping supplies.

Technical Seminar on "Plastic Recycling & Waste Management"

A Technical Seminar on the Plastic Recycling & Waste. The seminar Organised by the Central Institute of Plastics engineering &technology (CIPET) and topic/ content will be the Technical Presentation, Plastic waste Management, environment Friendly Conversion of waste Plastic, Plastic recycling etc. 

Modfied Atmosphere Packaging - Quality Control

Courtesy - Dansensor (a mocon company) Contents -  What is MAP? HACCP IFS, BRC, ISO Traceability Basic QC/QA procedures from MAP manufacturers

The New World of Thermoplastic Manufacturing

Rewrite the rules of injection molding with 3D Systems thermoplastic additive manufacturing printers and materials.  By - 3D Systems (additive manufacturing solutions)

The preservative free era and the container revolution

The technological challenge of ensuring a long shelf-life

A Better new solution for High Foaming Products

For ages processors have devised different recipes to help reduce the foam created during the filling process. A thorough and reliable foam management system is extremely important for maintaining a clean, sanitary filling environment.

Salary Survey 2018

The analysis of this survey brings out the current levels of salary for professionals working in packaging industries. As a product of a market research study, the information contained in this report is valuable to anyone concerned with salary levels among packaging professionals.

Meeting Track and Trace Demand of Pharma

Courtesy - ACG Inspection (Mumbai) "Everything you need" to meet the global pharma serialization and track and trace demands.

Bridging Digital and Physical Retail with NFC

Smart Ways to Engage, Influence, and Convert Thoughout the Consumer Journey Whitepaper published in September 2018 by NFC Forum (all rights reserved)

Basic Sealing Theory for OPP Films

This technical paper covers the basic theory behind making properly sealed packages with oriented polypropylene (OPP) based films on horizontal flow wrappers and vertical baggers. The relationships between the three factors of the sealing equation (heat, time and pressure) are analyzed and explained in order to provide a basis for real‐world application and problem solving.
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How to Solve Printed Packaging Workflow Issues Without Changing your Whole Process

This informative white paper gives updated information on Printed Workflow Challenges, Pitfalls of Proofreading Manually and various case studies related to work flow issues.

The ultimate guide to Sustainable Packaging

An interesting eBook on the subject which is designed to help anyone involved in packaging identify the best option for their brand in today’s climate.  Source - Law Print & Packaging (UK)

Introduction to Machine Vision

This whitepaper gives an introduction to "machine vision" - a guide to automating process and quality improvement It is a very informative white paper to understand the  -

Print Direction Chart

An important and easy chart to understand print direction. Courtesy : Arlin Mfg. Co., Inc
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Producing Quality Packages on Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Baggers‐  The Basics

This technical paper discusses the key basic principles of bag forming and sealing on vertical form‐fill‐seal packaging machines.  Discussion of the design, function and adjustment of forming sets and sealing jaws is organized sequentially, following the film from the roll as it is formed into a tube, back‐sealed, filled with product, and end‐sealed.  

New Control Concepts for Plastics Machinery

The Digital Twin Extends the Business Model  Source link -
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While some of the changes might not make

While some of the changes might not make Bet Awards 2018 Live

PAC and INNO Ticket

PACKINNO & SinnoPack are concurrent International Exhibition on Packaging Products, Packaging Machinery & Materials. In 2018, the 25th edition of this event is scheduled to organise from March 10 to 12 at China Import and Export Fair Complex . 

Plastic drums Paneling Issue

This report will explain the causes of paneling and suggest some possible ways to eliminate or minimize the paneling of plastic drums.


A white paper by COGNEX highlighting the importance of machine vision for ensuring food safety and quality

The Role of Packaging in the Frozen Foods Sector

Frozen food packaging should be puncture resistant, moisture resistant, leak-proof and durable enough to withstand heavy drop weight.

IndiaCorr Expo 2017

IndiaCorr Expo – SinoCorrugated 2017 is India’s largest and most comprehensive show on corrugated case manufacturers industry.

Laser coding benefits

Overcome laser coding challenges of production lines in the food and beverage industry

Laser Coding for Food and Beverage Industry

Laser coding solutions for the food and beverage industry - A white paper by Markem Imaje explaining technical challenges of modern production lines and their required solutions.

Active and Intelligent Packaging - NFC

The definition of Active and Intelligent Packaging is derived from four basic functions of packaging. Download the white paper from "Intertape Polymer Group" to know interesting details about this technology. Contact Information  - Jeff Coats (Director Marketing Development)

Qipack Leak Detection System

Case study about Qipack Leak Detection System installed  at the pouch manufacturer Scholle IPN. It is an innovative detection system that won a prize at the NL Packaging Awards competition this year.

MAP to extend product shelf life without preservatives

An informtative white paper on MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) that extends product shelf life without preservatives. Source - AVI Global Plast Contact - Mr. Sumit Saha (

2nd International Trade Show & Conference on Plastics Industry

2nd International Trade Show & Conference on Plastics Industry

New Delhi Plastics Expo - P4

New Delhi Plastics Expo - check out their partners

P4 In Pragati Maidan

Witness the power of plastics at P4 expo 2017


The benefits of universal marking system management to consumer packaged goods manufacturers


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