Rising commodity prices overshadow good volume development in tubes and aluminium aerosol cans

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GDA AEROBAL and european tube manufacturers association - etma

Düsseldorf, Germany, 10 November 2017 – German manufacturers of tubes and aluminium aerosol cans are currently enjoying good market conditions. This is being overshadowed, however, by increases in the price of raw materials and consumables, which are substantial in some cases. The price of oil has risen by about 20 per cent since June 2017 and the price of aluminium has increased by a good 10 per cent during the same period. Furthermore, the coatings and printing inks industry is bemoaning bottlenecks in the supply of some raw materials.


Increased commodity prices have also led to considerable increases in the cost of transport services. And in 2018 a further cost-push is also expected in the energy sector and as a result of ongoing wage negotiations in the industry.

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Gregor Spengler
Head of Packaging
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