Raman 1.0’ launched to instantly check for adulteration in edible oil on First-Ever World Food Safety Day

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Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

A startup being mentored by FSSAI has launched its Raman-1 handheld spectrometer on World Food Safety Day. Coupled with mobile & AI technologies, Oak Analytics has built a system for instant authentication of products, beginning with edible oil.

Oak Analytics believes it has the solution. Their approach has been to innovate on top of an existing and proven technology. Traditional Raman Spectrometers, used in Lab testing, are large and expensive table top instruments. While handheld spectrometers exist, they are prohibitively expensive for many applications.

By leveraging advancements in micro-optics, mobile & cloud technology, and AI & machine learning algorithms, Oak Analytics has taken Raman spectroscopy out of the lab and into the field. The Raman-1 spectrometer is a chalkboard duster sized device, and costs a fraction of laboratory spectrometers. The device can be used to scan through any transparent packaging without having to open it. Test results are instantly displayed on a mobile app.

The prototype of the technology was displayed at the World Food India event held at New Delhi in November 2017, where Oak Analytics was awarded by the Hon. President of India as the most innovative startup. The company is also being mentored by FSSAI as it brings its product to market.


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Ruchika Sharma
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011 24369457
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