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Oystar Offers Top Service

 Packaging machine manufacturer oystar has standardized the service structure across all brands. The &ldquooystar top service&rdquo group will assist customers around the world 247 with a comprehensive range of services. The top service mission is to help customers operate their machinery and systems at peak performance throughout the equipment&rsquos entire life cycle. Oystar operates service centers at 19 locations across the globe. The new concept is based on the three &ldquotop&rdquo pillars technological improvements, operations support, and productivity assistance. &ldquotechnological improvements&rdquo focus on the optimization of machinery and systems through retrofitting, upgrading, and rebuilding outdated components. For example, equipment can be upgraded to handle additional packaging sizes or product formats, or its mechanical and electrical parts can be overhauled to current standards. In addition, customers can also choose from a range of previously owned equipment that has been completely reconditioned and updated with the latest technology &ndash and at a cost lower than purchasing a piece of new equipment.  Technical optimization, operations support and targeted training &ldquooperations support&rdquo provides assistance for the customer&rsquos production process. Oystar&39s onsite technical support assists customers with installation and acceptance, performs regular equipment checks and offers emergency support and repairs during unplanned downtime. The third pillar of service, &ldquoproductivity assistance&rdquo, is geared toward training customers&39 employees. Besides the basic training courses, machine audits also identify potential situations when further training can optimize machine performance. Oystar also offers refresher courses and advanced workshops for new technologies. Offline training tools allow employees to experience virtual training without interfering with machine line production. The oystar service team is always at hand to provide customers with recommendations for improved innovative packaging solutions and technologies.&ldquoextraordinary industry expertise and innovative machine concepts are distinguishing characteristics of the oystar group,&rdquo explains thomas junge, oystar group service president. &ldquoour new oystar top service concept enables our customers to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our employees. Our packaging solutions are carefully customized to each customer&rsquos production chain for the optimum support,&rdquo he adds.