New Generation Of Vibration Tables

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Knobel Machinenbau Ag

The New Generation Of Vibration Tables Is Equipped With A Special Vibration Plate Which Was Developed By Knobel The Vibrating Result Is Better Than On The Conventional Way But The Noise Is Far Under 80db Therefore It Is The First Time In Our Industry That It Is Possible To Operate A Vibration Table With A Macrolon Cover Instead Of A Noise Covernbspmotor Driven Vibration For Solid Amp Filled Products Frequency Adjustable Magnetic Driven Vibration For Decorations Frequency And Amplitude Adjustablenbspvt 1500 With Two Up And Down Sections Are Available In The Following Versionsnbspmotor Ndash Motornbspmotor Ndash Magneticnbspmagnetic Ndash Magneticnbspoptional Pneumatic Side Vibration For Even Distribution Of Masses In Mould Cavitynbspoptional High Frequency Topvibration For Large Inclusionsnuts

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Guido Knobel
41 52 7662525
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