The inventor of DLSOFT TOUCH® launches DERPROSATM SANDY ORIGINAL, a new tactile, gritty and slightly rough film for the Luxury Packaging & more.

Alcalá La Real, Spain - November 19th, 2018 - On rare occasions, a company launches a product on the market making a substantial difference with existing products and leading to new sensations. DERPROSA TM launches SANDY ORIGINAL, a new matte film, granular to the touch, unique in its kind.

A few years ago, DERPROSATM (currently known as Taghleef Industries S.L.U.) captivated prestigious brands, publishers, graphic designers, and printers all over the world with its first tactile film for paper and cardboard lamination. DERPROSATM created and patented DLSOFT TOUCH®, a film with an ultra-matt finish that conveys a silky and velvety feeling to any laminated graphic product.

This worldwide novelty, which has since then set the standard in the graphic industry, has defined the innovative path taken by DERPROSATM in those years, during which it had time to perfect and diversify DLSOFT TOUCH® Original with scratch-resistant versions, opaque and color versions, and even metalized ones. Moreover, new silvery and golden films have been developed, as well as high-gloss, scratch-resistant films, and versions featuring improved adherence for digital printing, among many others.

Thanks to its proven track record and experience, and coinciding with the 30th anniversary of DERPROSATM, it now goes by the name of SANDY (DERPROSATM SANDY ORIGINAL). Once again, a film that makes the difference as far as sensations are concerned.

DERPROSATM SANDY ORIGINAL is an innovative haptic matt film that evokes pleasant feelings of homogeneous roughness to the touch, providing a perfect contrast with the already widely acclaimed DLSOFT TOUCH®. Both products produce a unique and unmistakable feeling, inciting consumers to make purchases or choose a product to the detriment of any other non-laminated or traditionally-finished product. Many Neuromarketing studies have demonstrated the direct and positive connection between the choice of new film textures and the income statement of brands requiring films such as SANDY or DLSOFT TOUCH® in packaging lamination processes.

DERPROSATM SANDY ORIGINAL is applied just as any other conventional lamination film used in the graphic arts and may be used in any project seeking to achieve a matt finish and an impressive feeling to the touch. Currently, to achieve a similar quality, one has to resort to serigraphic varnishes, which are far from providing the same level of homogeneity and consistency.

In 2018, DERPROSATM SANDY ORIGINAL will be showcased at the three editions of LuxePack, the world's landmark event in the premium and luxury packaging industry. In Europe, its debut coincides with LuxePack Monaco, held from October 1st to 3rd where it will be shown to the industry's leading brands and professionals.

Taghleef Industries keeps making progress through innovation, differentiation, diversification, and the addition of value to its clients and society as a whole.

About Taghleef Industries:
Headquartered in Dubai, Taghleef Industries is the world's leader in the production of BoPP films. With production centers located in 10 countries, across the 5 continents, Ti produces more than 500,000 t of specialty film for multiple applications: food packaging, labels, industrial applications, and the graphic arts. Film types include OPP, CPP, and PLA. Taghleef Industries strives to achieve product efficiency through research, development, and innovation, to provide added value on an ongoing basis to its clients and stakeholders, while offering top-notch performance, quality, and service, with a broad range of products. Its brands portfolio includes TitaniumTM, NATIVIA®, EXTENDO®, DERPROSATM, SynDECORTM, and SHAPE360TM

For the graphic arts, the Group relies on its factory, Taghleef Industries SLU, located in Spain, from which it coordinates a global distribution network with a branch in the USA, "DerprosaTM Specialty Films USA", and 14 warehouses all over the world.

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