German Packaging Award 2016 – Sustainability category goes to: Biobrush wrapped in NatureFlex

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Futamura Chemicals Company Limited

Futamura is proud to announce that Biobrush, wrapped in its NatureFlex TM packaging film, has been pronounced ‘Winner 2016’ in the Sustainability category of the German Packaging Institute’s ‘Packaging Award 2016’. The prestigious awards are sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and have an expert jury made up of leading research institutes and universities, retail and trade media, supported by an additional professional jury, proposed by the trade associations of the packaging industry.


Biobrush – Toothbrushes are based on renewable resources (even the bristles are based on Nylon from castor oil plants), therefore, introducing a packaging film based on renewable cellulose (sourced from sustainable certified forestry) was the logical move.


Printed by converter NOCKE Verpackung, the sustainable concept convinced the highly renowned jury that NatureFlex – Films not only provide the necessary product protection and on-shelf appeal, but also the option to biodegrade and home compost the packaging after use.


Nannett Wiedemann, managing director of Biobrush - Berlin, delighted with the award, said; “We have always been convinced, of course, that this concept is not only necessary but thrilling. However, it is absolutely fabulous for us to have independent, high profile, recognition of our product! Organic products require organic packaging, that´s for sure. We are happy to have found NatureFlex.”

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Lynne Quincey
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