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Compostable Packaging Films Provide Effective Barrier Against Mineral Oil Residues

Innovia films manufactures cellulosebased renewable and compostable filmic solutions that offer the necessary oxygen and moisture barrier properties required for dried foods. Now these natureflex&trade films have been scientifically tested and also proven to provide an effective barrier against mineral oil residues. 

A recent scientific study at the zurich food safety authority in switzerland, using the same series of tests to prove the efficacy of compostable natureflex&trade films, detected alarming levels of mineral oil residues transferring from recycled cardboard packaging into food. Traces of mineral oil residues in food are thought to arise due to their migration from the printing inks present both on the packaging surface and in recycled newspapers, used in the production of cardboard packaging.  Even at room temperature these residues can migrate and be deposited on dried foods packaged in the box, such as pasta, rice, and breakfast cereals.

 Dr koni grob, who led the swiss research team, has said that toxicologists have linked mineral oils to inflammation of internal organs and even cancer, though he stressed that individual meals would contain only a tiny dose of the chemicals. Innovia films&rsquo natureflex&trade can be used in several ways as a barrier solution for dried foods pouch, board lamination, bag in box. &ldquothe tests conducted on our natureflex&trade films showed that when used either as the inner bag or as a pouch they provide a very good barrier against mineral oil residues. 

This is in addition to the standard oxygen and moisture barrier properties needed to pack dried foods to ensure optimum product quality and maximise shelflife&rdquo said paul barker, product manager natureflex&trade films. Innovia films supplies renewable and compostable films to converters, brandowners and endusers across the globe for most types of food packaging. Natureflex&trade complies with european standard en 13432 for compostable packaging, offering an alternative disposal route and diverting waste away from landfill sites.