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A new patented recyclable nano-tech solution for escaped plastic packaging. Decomposes in natural conditions, plastic to be plastic no more.

  • No microplastic or toxicity
  • No disruption to the manufacturing process
  • No commercial treatment required
  • Available for rigid, flexible and frozen food packaging
  • Perfected for virgin and/or recycled plastic
  • Global clients, ample supply
  • End-user or raw material

A new patented germ repellent technology that enables food packaging to be safe to share.

  • Edison award-winning
  • Water-based and oil-based
  • Does not affect paper printing quality
  • No heavy metals
  • FDA and EU food safe
  • Strong adhesive
  • Water-based will not affect the recycling
  • Stops microbes from colonizing on paper

Twelves Technology™ brings to the Australian and global market genuine innovat ive packaging technologies that will positively impact people and our environment. Through strict due diligence, ethical and gifted partners, certified result s, industry standards, we proudly provide affordable and flexible packaging solut ions that people have been seeking.

Our Technology: RAWS-Tech


Quick Facts:

Our breakdown effectiveness means our packaging breaks down to air, water and less than 1% biomass, with zero waste. There is no industrial/commercial treatment required to naturally decompose. An eco-insurance policy taking care of plastic that escapes the recycling circle and ends up in landfill or left behind in the environment.

  • • An eco-insurance policy - Decomposes naturally in landfill or if left in the open environment capturing 90% of plastic that doesn’t get recycled
  • • The patented pro-degradant additive can be used in recycled plastic
  • • No industrial/commercial treatment required
  • • Heat preservation function by using nano-layered technology
  • • No disruption to the manufacturing process or need for specialized and/or high-cost manufacturing machinery process
  • • Tested and approved to start decomposing at 24 degrees (16 degrees in the lab)
  • • No toxicity and food safe

An example of products that can be applied with our unique technology:

Flexible packaging

  • • Stretch film
  • • Shrink wrap
  • • Dry cleaning bags
  • • Food produce bags
  • • Bread bags
  • • Toilet wrapping bags
  • • Straws

Rigid Packaging

Rigid plastic up to 10mm (like milk bottles, caps, food containers etc)

  • • Detergent bottles
  • • Milk bottles
  • • Thin wall containers
  • • Caps
  • • Single use plastic such as cups and food containers

We can produce frozen food plastic packaging tested up to -25 degrees and clear crystal plastic

Our Solutions

Sustainable technology that protects and heals the land for future generations

Our RAWS-tech enables PP, PE, LDPE and HDPE to bio-convert within 2 years, leaving no micro-plastics and toxicity in the environment with no commercial treatment needed. Our globally recognized laboratories and internationally accredited testing facilities provide evidence for our claims.

An insurance policy that takes care of plastic that escapes the recycling circle

A solution that does not disrupt recycling yet takes care of 90% of plastic that ends up in landfill or left in the environment. An eco-insurance policy that means you have peace of mind and does what it says - naturally decomposes wherever the plastic may end up.

What we do

PacktoEarth provides naturally decomposing plastic packaging solutions for plastic to become plastic no more changing the landscape for future generations

Our technologists created a built-in additive formula to ensure that plastics can decompose naturally and safely activated by either sunlight or thermal atmospheric heat under anaerobic conditions with zero or low oxygen present. Recyclable and time controlled technology allowing us to customize product service life.

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