At Healthcare Packaging Expo, Adents to Demo Multi-Factory Scenario for its Signature Cloud-based Serialization Solu


East Windsor, NJ Adents, a leading provider of premier, versatile serialization and track & trace solutions, will demonstrate a variety of offerings at Healthcare Packaging Expo, October 14-17 in Chicago.For Adents, this year’s highlight isn’t limited to its  but extends to those of partner companies Omega Design Corp. (Booth #S-3714) and Pineberry Manufacturing (Booth #S-1432). The stands will combine to portray a multi-factory serialization scenario utilizing the Cloud-based Adents Seriza solution,which provides unprecedented levels of flexibility and scalability for pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers.


The setup will include real-time reports from several machines running simultaneously, demonstrating the sort of global connectivity that has been absent in most serialization efforts to date. As such, Adents and its partners will showcase serialized production in various modes at different locations, as well as distribution of resulting data. The multi-factory environment will include hypothetical sGLN’s sent to hypothetical GLN’s representing specific OEMs.


Adents Seriza comprises two primary tools:

Adents Supervisor, installed on a central server at site-level, manages and distributes serialized codes. All line configurations are handled at the site level, leading to quick implementation and scalability, while greatly reducing the effort to revalidate lines when changes are made. 

  • At the line level, Adents Pilot drives the printing of unit codes and controls their conformity. The solution directs printing and vision systems, and manages communication with line equipment to deliver a customer’s choice of item-level serialization, item-to-bundle aggregation, bundle-to-case aggregation, or case-to-pallet aggregation.


Also on display at Healthcare Packaging Expo will be Adents Prodigi, jointly developed with Microsoft and powered by Azure technologies. Adents Prodigi is the first Cloud traceability solution that centrally manages regulatory requirements, connecting multiple trading partners, and allowing pharmaceutical companies and CMOs to benefit from the massive amounts of data generated during the serialization and track & trace process. Adents Prodigi opens new horizons beyond regulatory compliance, in terms of data analysis (including Microsoft Power BI), machine learning tools, and additional capabilities through existing in-house or third-party solutions.


At the show, Adents Prodigi will be demonstrated via real-time connections between Adents and the booths of several machinery partners, including Omega Design and Precision Automation.


“Adents Seriza and Adents Prodigi are groundbreaking innovations developed to help pharma manufacturers address today’s serialization challenges, while simultaneously realizing tremendous business benefits,” said Christophe Devins, CEO of Adents.“Adents products help connectmultiple trading partners, manage dozens of countries’ regulations, and enable users to capitalize on serialization databy delivering significant beyond-compliance ROI.”

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About Adents

Adents is the leading provider of end to end traceability solutions to secure local and global supply chains.

  • Adents provides the only integrated serialization solution covering all track and Trace needs, seamlessly. 
  • Adents Seriza, a line and site level serialization for manufacturing sites, has been selected by Siemens for its customers.
  • Adents Prodigi, a cloud solution jointly developed with Microsoft and powered by Azure technologies, allows for secure data exchange and leverages the power of serialization data.

Adents operates globally, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more info, visit


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