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Packaging Ideas those Inspire 31 December 2018

*/ View in browser December 31, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE We thank you for the great 2018 and welcome 2019. We also wish you a great 2019 both personally and professionally. Packaging is growing and so is the case with packaging professionals. To assess the needs of packaging professionals, please do respond to packaging salary survey, the link is PACKAGING NEWS TASTY AOSTE VEGAN SPREADS IN LIGHTWEIGHT PACKAGING Aoste Vegan Spreads (Campofrio Food Group) have been developed in consultation with G UV and Light Protection for Liquid Medicines in Transparent Glass Containers For UV and light protection of particularly sensitive medicines such as biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars, blood products, vaccines and vitamin preparations, Schreiner MediPharm develo Healthcare-packaging customers benefit from Amcor’s continued investment in new technologies Large and small healthcare companies across Europe are getting more flexibility and lower costs for shorter print runs.

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 25 December 2018

*/ View in browser December 24, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE   First, we wish you Merry Christmas and would like to make an appeal on this happy occasion that be careful of extra packaging that you may use as we all need to make efforts to save our environment.   We would also like to remind you that annual packaging salary survey ends on 31st December 2018 so if you can still respond if not done already. Its free and for the benefit of all packaging professionals, the link is PACKAGING NEWS Marico unveiled Coco Soul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Marico has introduced two variants of cold pressed virgin coconut oil under the brand name ‘Coco Soul’. The new range of products includes a 100% Organic and 100% Natural varia Next Generation Sustainable Bag-in-Box films  

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 17 December 2018

*/ View in browser December 17, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE CPHI 2018 was a great show for us along with our principals Schreiner MediPharm whom we represent in India for functional labels.   You can find out more about innovative functional at  or PACKAGING NEWS Electronic Data Interchange Situation: Ordering processes are frequently inefficient, data input is prone to errors and requests for modifications often require quick turn-arounds. Lundberg Tech introduces the PackTrimCutter The latest addition on the All-in-one product range is specifically designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 10 December 2018

*/ View in browser December 10, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE   Welcome to the packaging information that you can use. We would also be available at CPHI India from 12-14 Dec 18. You can meet Sandeep Goyal from Packaging Connections at the booth of Schreiner MediPharm 14.D19. Schreiner would be demonstrating functional labels for the pharma /medical industry and PackagingConnections is representing Schreiner MediPharm in India PACKAGING NEWS Labels with Integrated Security Features Protect Your Products To counter the constant threat posed by counterfeits, Schreiner ProSecure develops technologies and products that ensure worldwide authentication of original products and documents, and thus suppor Innovating with renewable materials DuraSense biocomposites, Lineo lignin and the e-TALES online retail packaging portfolio are recently launched examples of innovative, competitive solutions based on renewable materials, all introdu

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 03 December 2018

*/ View in browser December 3, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Welcome to the wonderful world of packaging ideas those inspire to do better and better every day, for any further information, please email to or simply visit  PACKAGING NEWS NFC-Label for Autoinjectors Treatment by self-medication: a consistently growing trend. Patients suffering from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis increasingly use pens or autoinjectors. Ease and s Amcor’s investment in ecommerce-ready packaging Ecommerce is evidently a challenging arena. Currently, at Amcor we work with a partner to test and certify ecommerce-ready packaging for our customers. However, investment in two ISTA testing labor Mondi flexible packaging “leapfrogs” ahead in the recycling game After almost four years of development, Mondi and Werner & Mertz will introduce a new, patented innovation in 2019: a 100-percent recyclable pouch with detachable decorative panels. The pouch r

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 26 November 2018

*/ View in browser November 26, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Packaging Salary survey is in progress, you still can give your inputs to support the packaging professionals globally. The link is PACKAGING NEWS CIGAR TUBES   Smart pack shine to indicate bacteria present in food Contaminated produce continues to cause illness and even death in many parts of the world. Now a new type of smart food packaging may help to prevent food-borne illnesses from E.coli and other path Paper bottle Ecologic Brands introduces a paper bottle that • is made from 100% recycled material • can be recycled in the regular stream of paper recyclables • can go into a

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 19 November 2018

*/ View in browser November 19, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE   In addition to useful and practical packaging information, we bring you this month the opportunity to respond to salary survey for packaging professionals, the link is and as always the results will be published without the names so that packaging fraternity in general can benefit. PACKAGING NEWS Arisure® Closed Vial Adapter The Arisure® CVA is completely closed helping to reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous drugs while providing a safe and simple solution for reconstitution and transfer of drugs. BEAUTYPEN STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: The BeautyPen allows you to apply fluid cosmetic products in a targeted, accurate, and also large-scale manner and is therefore perfectly suited for cosmetic indust

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 12 November 2018

*/ View in browser November 12, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Welcome back after festive break and please do visit the article "Only Packaging Professionals can under stand...  PACKAGING NEWS Blockchain Technology for pharmaceuticals Global contract packaging organisation, Tjoapack, has partnered with UK-based technology company, Veratrak, to establish the use of blockchain across the pharmaceutical industry. Scientists Convert Plastic Bottle Waste into ‘Ultralight Supermaterial’ Researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have made a significant contribution by turning PET plastic bottle waste into ultralight aerogels that are suitable

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 05 November 2018

*/ View in browser November 5, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE   India is celebrating festival of lights Deepawali. So we wish our readers and friends Happy, prosperous,healthy and Green Deepawali. You will notice that we try to bring you more & more packaging solutions whch are environment friendly.   Please do let us know if you would have any packaging news or innovations to share and we would be happy to consider it for publication. You can email us at  PACKAGING NEWS Versamid PUR 2110 Film-forming polyurethane resin that combines excellent pigment dispersion properties with high bond strengths. Newcycling process of APK to deal with end-of-life for nylon based flexible packaging APK has developed a unique process that addresses end-of-life for multilayer PE/nylon 6 packaging films.

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 29 October 2018

*/ View in browser October 29, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Double packaging for liquids and viscous is a great innovation and has been patented.   Click here for more details PACKAGING NEWS Detachable applicator for skin care cream The PE applicator contains a special refrigerant gel and is detachable to be cleaned more easily. A user-friendly container which gives you immediate coolness after a few hours in the freezer Mystik  

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 22 October 2018

*/ View in browser October 22, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Its a wonderful opportunity to give value corporate gifts now during festive time. You can gift the big book of packaging branded as per your needs.   For more details, please visit PACKAGING NEWS JINDAL FILMS CREATES NEW LABELING POSSIBILITIES WITH IN-MOULD LABELING FILM SOLUTIONS Jindal Films, a global technology leader in flexible food packaging, pressure sensitive and wrap around labeling applications, is creating new labeling possibilities with the introduction of In-Mou Prohaler A NOVEL HIGH PERFORMANCE PRE-METERED MULTIDOSE DPI DESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL PATIENT COMPLIANCE

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 15 October 2018

*/ View in browser October 15, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Our team just came back from CPHI Madrid and found lots of pharma packaging innovations and potential partners for India. Soon you will hear from us through these pages.   Please stay connected and enjoy the packaging ideas this week. PACKAGING NEWS New ways to recycle multiplayer pouches CRISP packets, chocolate wrappers, and blister packets for pills are all extremely difficult to recycle as they are comprised of multiple layers, but a new technique can separate each layer and rec Shift from Rigid to Flexible for Vehicle Oil Functional Easy-Pack stand-up pouch that makes for a better user experience with less waste and mess. UNIQUE ARCWISE® PACKAGING DESIGN WINS SCAN STAR 2018 AWARD The Arcwise® packaging design for Hernö Gin & Tonic has received a Scan Star 2018 Award.

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 08 October 2018

*/ View in browser October 08, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Green Packaging Solutions is a big concern not only in India but globally. We at PackagingConnections are commited to keep discussions live to create awareness and find solutions.   We have an active discussion in progress at LinkedIn, you can also join, learn and contribute at  PACKAGING NEWS Strong Film for Recloseable Applications   Board Based Tray Packaging Finland-based packaging start-up Jospak Oy has received a ScanStar 2018 Award for its board-based tray packaging for Kannuksen Lihakauppa Grillipekoni. This innovative, sustainable food packaging s ELASTOMERIC VALVES Aptar Pharma's proprietary normally-closed valve is designed to solve fluid management challenges.

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 01 October 2018

*/ View in browser October 01, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE   There is no end to learning and people are always keen to learn. It's evident from the fact that the big book of packaging is moving into leading institutes and company libraries gradually. We also see the big interest of many individuals.   You can buy this at We also offer special discounts to students, you can ask Mr. Ayush Agrawal for individual students discounts, and also bulk purchase, at special discounts, he can be reached at In case you would like to distribute these to your local community or use it as an intellectual corpoare gift then also please contact Mr. Ayush Agrawal directly.

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 24 September 2018

*/ View in browser September 24, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Happy to inform you that is used by many packaging professionals and users actively. You can also use it to find packaging professionals for your organization. PACKAGING NEWS Tamper Proof RFID Labels Identiv has launched the latest addition to its radio-frequency identification (RFID), near-field communication (NFC), and inlay portfolio. The next-generation Tamper-Proof RFID Label is compatible 3D PRINTING ARRIVES ON HUMAN SKIN The team of researchers from the Taiwan Institute of Technology (ITRI) has developed a new technology for 3D printing of artificial human skin. Type 2 non-reversible humidity indicator card by Clariant Clariant's new Humitector Type 2 Non-Reversible Humidity Indicator Cards contain a patent-pending non-reversible 60% humidity spot indicator which enables them to indicate whether dry packed surfac

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 17 September 2018

*/ September 15, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Glad to inform you that we are currently accepting advertising to promote innovations in packaging, packaging companies and packaging related important information.   Interested? Simply fill the details to get started at PACKAGING NEWS VP6 THE VERSATILE PUMP SYSTEM FITTING YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS Clarisuite Software Products Videojet's CLARiSUITE Code Assurance Solutions help ensure that the correct code is applied in the correct location on the correct product and packaging. Current Trend in Color Cosmetic Packaging: Multi-Function Sticks Cosmetic companies, Lancôme, Clinique, and Vapor Organics (to name a few) , are transitioning from compacts to twist up tubes for: press cheek, press eye, and press powder containers.

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 10 September 2018

*/ September 8, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE October. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February. - Mark Twain So you can see there is no time to speculate and same is the case for packaging learning. You can start learning any moment for packaging, you can try our The Big Book of Packaging, you can find more details at Or simply email us at to get the details   Handle it Cup Holders Handle-It cup holders are aimed squarely at the blossoming ‘On the go’ packaging sector and are quite a familiar site to us at Ambro, so familiar in fact that it’s all too easy to forget the Packaging helps in identification of bacteria in food A new type of food packaging developed by scientists at McMaster University in Canada may help consumers identify if their produce contains E. coli

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 03 September 2018

*/ September 1, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 27 August 2018

*/ August 27, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Welcome to the world of packaging information that would be useful to you, for more and more informaion, please visist and you could also visist our LinkedIn group at PACKAGING NEWS The New WINE GROWLER is Here! AstraPouch® is proud to introduce the first-ever flexible-packaging growler! BAG ON VALVE Aptar Pharma's Bag On Valve (BOV) technology serves pharmaceutical products with major benefits such as better use (360° use, no pumping), better preservation (ultimate protection of the content), Easy dispensing of viscous liquids Liquiglide is the first viable technology that allows viscous liquids to slide effortlessly.  

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 20 August 2018

*/ View in browser August 20, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Why join LinkedIn group of Packaging Connections? Because we have more than 24,000 + packaging decision makers as our members who could sincerely support you in your search of packaging truth, here is the link  PACKAGING NEWS Seamless Plastic Tubes Believed to be the most ideal packaging solution for the cosmetic industry, due to its high aesthetic value and easy adaptability to numerous decorative forms, the seamless plastic tube business is E-LOCKOUT USING ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY TO HELP PATIENT COMPLIANCE IN THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC DISEASES. L'Oreal China and Alibaba to agree for environment friendly packaging L’Oréal China and Alibaba Group signed an agreement committing to using environmentally packaging in order to reduce waste in China

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 13 August 2018

*/ View in browser August 13, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE   To reach our big network of packaging & related fields decision makers, you can now advertise at PACKAGING NEWS Vision Label Inspection & Checkweigher Combo System Launches The new METTLER TOLEDO ( CV3770 combination inspection system offers accurate weight measurement and high-performance label inspection in one compact machine. It helps ensure accurate produc Nanocellulose coated PET film for Packaging Purdue University researchers have developed a large-scale manufacturing process that may change the way some grocery store foods are packaged

Packaging Ideas those Inspire 06 August 2018

*/ View in browser August 6, 2018 | +91 124 4965770 EDITOR'S NOTE Packaging is the great way to protect, here are some ideas from across the globe for you to use. PACKAGING NEWS VELVETIE Velvetie are tubes that feels soft and velvety to touch which makes your product to stand out from the masses, and enables valued brand differentiation to your customers. Inspired by the nature and The innovative response to the rising trends of precise drug application- Microbristle Applicator   ERGONOMIC JAR HAS GLASS EFFECT The RPC Bramlage Division has introduced a new premium cosmetic jar into its standard collection. The Coral jar provides an alternative to the traditional cylindrical shape, with an innovative rais


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