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UPM Raflatac launches new adhesive offering 75 percent alcohol resistance for wet wipe labeling

Short Description: 
resistance for wet wipe labeling UPM Raflatac introduces a highly chemical resistant adhesive for wet wipe labeling in the APAC region. UPM Raflatac RRS4 adhesive pushes beyond traditional adhesives with repeatedly reliable open-closure functionality for high chemical resistance. RRS4 is designed to be resistant to 75 percent alcohol ensuring the disinfecting qualities of the wet wipes when reopening and closing the package.

Having disposable disinfecting wipes on hand can help to stop the spread of the viruses. For the wipes to be disinfecting, they must contain at least 70 percent of alcohol according to C.D.C (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention). Therefore, the label needs to have chemical resistance to keep the wipes wet and disinfected. UPM Raflatac’s RRS4 adhesive answers to this need and ensures the reliability of the packaging.

RRS4 adhesive is a part of UPM Raflatac's dedicated adhesive family which offers long-lasting open-closure functionality and support for high-quality visual branding.
• UPM Raflatac RC12 provides high adhesion and is ideal for packages requiring a strong peel
• UPM Raflatac RC13 gives a soft, noiseless opening and good resealing properties
• UPM Raflatac RRS3 provides high chemical resistance
• UPM Raflatac RRS4 provides high chemical resistance and 75 percent alcohol resistance