Slide-Rite® Child-Guard® Track & Slider

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The new child-resistant technology of Child-Guard® is a revolution in the flexible packaging industry. Specially designed for products that should not be consumed by children or taken without adult supervision, Child-Guard® brings tested performance to your packaging needs. Customer-friendly and ergonomic, this system is adaptable to many film structures to perform under many design demands.


This innovative special packaging closure system was developed specifically to meet the Poison Prevention Packaging Act standards.





Lawn & Garden

Household Products

Child-Guard® Track & Slider Features:

Listed on the ASTM D3475, Standard Classification of Child Resistant Packages

Performs with multiple film structures for different performance needs

Ergonomic and easy to use

Utilizes significantly less materials than alternative options for child resistance

Meets the requirements for child resistance stated in the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, Title 16 CFR 1700 Child-Guard has been awarded a DMF, Drug Master File listing. Basically a DMF allows

Child-Guard to be considered as an approved packaging material by the FDA for pharma applications. This is an important “status” to CG and flexible packaging formats that serve the pharmaceutical market.

Simple and cost effective

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