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Seed Phytonutrients’ paper-based packaging

Committed to sustainable packaging with recycled, recyclable, compostable and paper-based pump bottle, Seed Phytonutrient products are easy on the Earth but tough in the shower.

To help reduce the amount of waste the beauty industry produces, Seed Phytonutrients have taken sustainability to the next level. Continuing with their 100% paper-based packaging, they have improved their efforts by opting out of gluing the bottle together, and instead have incorporated interlocking tabs into the design to hold the bottles together. Not to mention the pressure sensitive, paper-based labels. This is environmental sustainability to the max!

“While over 90% of paper is recycled, less than 30% of plastic is recycled. With our new paper bottle, we use 60% less plastic than a traditional shampoo bottle. This is a giant leap forward to help reduce the amount of waste that our industry creates. Plus, we love the look and feel, and we knew our customers would, too,” says Brad Farrell, Vice President of Global Marketing, Seed Phytonutrients.

And not that the brand could get any more environmentally friendly, each Seed Phytonutrient product contains a packet of seeds held between the liner and the shell that consumers plant to keep the sustainability cycle going.