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The Schumacher Packaging Group presents its patented world innovation CargoProtop® – paper based eco modules – as part of the new CargoProfil® product line. These are cover frames that provide a sturdy and secure way of packing loads onto transport pallets, and they are available right now. Compared to conventional chipboard, CargoProtop® is lighter, but at the same time it is sturdier and tougher. It is light in weight and has rounded edges which greatly facilitates handling and makes it ideal for strapping. CargoProtop® is available in standard dimensions 1200 x 800 mm. Globally unique material innovation CargoProtop® is manufactured from environmentally-friendly CargoProfil ® paper section, an extremely sturdy hollow section made from rolled corrugated base paper. This innovative material is obtained from the side runs of a paper machine and is fully recyclable. Added to that, the mono-material used contains only about 2% corn starch-based adhesive as normally used for corrugated board. A range of modular transport packaging “With our new CargoProfil® brand we have created a broad range of transport packaging modules based entirely on paper,” states Norbert Hager, Sales Manager for the Schumacher Packaging Group. “CargoProtop® is the first product we have designed that is based on our innovative material CargoProfil®. Light yet sturdy, and also 100% environmentally-friendly, these frames, together with the products to follow in the near future such as transport panels and transport containers, provide solutions for a host of other applications.” Also available soon: CargoPropal® transport pallet As a next step, Schumacher Packaging will be adding another product to the CargoProfil® family: the CargoPropal®. CargoPropal® is a transport pallet made from paper section which is just as heavy-duty and sturdy as the wooden pallets commonly used until now. Whereas a conventional euro pallet weighs 28 kg, the new paper-based pallet weighs in at a mere 7 kg. This weight-saving not only reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions, it also makes handling so much easier for logistics personnel. The smooth surfaces and impact-absorbing edges also minimise the risk of injury during loading. CargoPropal® is especially suitable for transporting foodstuffs that use a single trip packaging system. Compliance with hygiene regulations is assured with this newly-developed material because – unlike wood – CargoProfil® requires no pre-treatment and is totally hygienic.