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Rapak® Redesigns its Beverage Bag-in-Box Offering with an Improved Bag Fitment for Post-Mix Syrup and Juice Applications

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Prapaks Newest Bag Fitment For Pcss Connecting Systems Provides A Robust Connection During Baginbox Changeovers On Commercial Dispensing Machinesp

Rapak North America, part of DS Smith Plastics, has redesigned its DuraBev™ beverage bag with a new extended tab PCSS fitment. The PCSS fitment is a universal fitment that connects post-mix syrup or juice Bag-in-Box to commercial fountain dispensing machines, ensuring precise and controlled mixes of beverages.

The redesigned PCSS fitment includes two extended side tabs that provide a more robust connection when paired with Rapak’s PCSS+™ screw-on line-side connector. The enhanced fitment ensures that the connector can be screwed on easily and securely by restaurant operators, while preventing over-tightening.

The PCSS fitment is also available in high stress, recommended for juice and high acid products, and is compatible with industry screw-on connectors.

The durable and highly puncture-resistant DuraBev bag uses Rapak’s embossed film technology providing evacuation performance more than 99.4%. When the beverage bag is paired with Rapak’s user-friendly and NSF approved PCSS+ line-side connector, beverage products are safely and accurately dispensed with minimal leaks or spills.


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