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Coca-Cola -Aluminium Bottles for Star Wars Limited Edition

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Ardagh to create the most eye-catching packaging.

Bag-in-Box Packaging for Easy evacuation performance of highly viscous liquids

Rapak North America, part of DS Smith Plastics, announced the launch of its EvacuStrip beverage bags for Bag-in-Box


Veetee – one of the largest rice suppliers in the United Kingdom had been facing four obstacles that were stymying its overall brand value

Pogo™ Lip Balm

Pogo™ Lip Balm brings versatility and innovation to the lip balm category. The unique body fits comfortably in the hand and the domed cap is its own mold, creating greater production efficiency. The refillable cartridge flexes to create a unique application experience. Pogo is international patent pending.
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Edible food packaging made from milk proteins

At the grocery store, most foods — meats, breads, cheeses, snacks — come wrapped in plastic packaging. Not only does this create a lot of non-recyclable, non-biodegradable waste, but thin plastic films are not great at preventing spoilage. And some plastics are suspected of leaching potentially harmful compounds into food.

Ultra high barrier plastic material

Plantic™ R is a bio-based, renewable and recyclable plastic material with ultra-high barrier and ideal for barrier packaging applications.

DS Smith's display strategists have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display

DS Smith's display strategists have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display specifically for the promotion-related presentation of a laundry care cloths series in the retail trade. The display convinced not only the customer, but also the jurors of the German Packaging Award 2017.

Eat This Food Packaging Instead of Throwing It Away

These crinkly, colorful sheets that come with our granola bars and potato chips can contain so many different materials mixed together (plastic, aluminum, paper, etc.) that recycling it can be too laborious or too expensive to be worth it.

Barrier Film Compatible with Digital Printing

New grade of GL BARRIER developed as first transparent barrier film enabling digital printing on retort packaging requiring high barrier performance

3- Dimensional Gusset Pouch with Handle

This three-dimensional pouch with handle is made in such a way that it is easy to hold. This pouch use the large-capacity pouch.

Pattex new fugue

Pattex has perfectly combined this new product packaging application making DIY more convenient. The joint sealant is applied directly from the new packaging, no further tools or joint fillers are required.

Smart popup packaging for wristwatches wins PIDA Germany 2017

This year’s winner of the BillerudKorsnäs PIDA Germany design competition is a team from Stuttgart Media University. The winning students succeeded in creating a sustainable, smart and attractive packaging solution for wristwatches and other luxury items, called WatchOut.

SIGNATURE PACK wins the Beverage Innovation Award 2017

The SIGNATURE PACK from SIG convinced the jury: The world's first aseptic carton pack, which is 100% linked to plant-based renewable materials, has won the Beverage Innovation Award 2017 in the “Best carton or pouch” category. The Beverage Innovation Award has been presented by every year since 2002.

Cool Box made of Corrugated Fibreboard

The coolbox has the efficiency of insulation what is equal to the 18mm of EPS.

An (even better) handle on everything

Milk bottles with an integrated handle have two considerable advantages: They are easy to hold and they make pouring particularly simple. Greiner Packaging is the only company that offers such plastic bottles in the Romanian market and has been supplying them for several years now to Albalact, the traditional dairy company.

Tamper evident Pack

This folding carton has a feature of indicating whether or not the package has been opened. After opening the carton, the word “Opened” will appear on the closure panel.

Tetra Pak innovation for frozen products

Tetra Pak offers packaging innovation for easy creation of frozen products

How McCormick is working toward more sustainable packaging

McCormick recently redesigned its OLD BAY and Black Pepper cans with a fully recyclable PET container, which equated to a 16 percent reduction in associated carbon emissions.

Non-Stick Pastry Side Film

Toyo Aluminium K.K. has developed an innovative oil-repellent packaging, which can prevent cream from sticking.

Climate-neutral stand-up bags

In order to bring environmentally friendly product packaging onto the market, various packaging concepts were analysed. The first step was to reduce the environmental impacts of metallized plastic packaging.

Squeeze Bottle with Dosing Cup

This bottle developed for Veterinary products is an efficient solution.

UV/EB Inks for Food Packaging Applications

Sun Chemical has launched two new UV/EB inks for primary and secondary food packaging that are compliant with the strictest global standards in the marketplace, including Nestlé food packaging requirements and Swiss Ordinance chemical composition requirements.

Cost effective pack for engine

For engine packaging returnable racks are mainly used for the transport of engines and 1 WAY steel cases are also applied as a substitute in case of shortage caused by fluctuation of production.

Lightweight closure for water and carbonated drink

Global Closure Systems launches a new standard closure for the water and carbonated market with a lightweight 26mm neck finish solution which provides the highest levels of performance and also safety to the consumers.


The development of this folding carton had three objectives: (1) avoiding mix-ups of two different medications, (2) saving costs by eliminating the plastic separators and additional labels, and (3) simplifying the non-valueadding processes of the packaging procedure.

Robots become a reality in carton recycling

The AMP Cortex, identifies, grabs and sorts food and beverage cartons from the recycling stream so they can be sent to recyclers and turned into new materials, such as tissues, paper towels and other paper materials, as well as sustainable building and construction materials.

Crystal Clear In-Mould Label Film

Innovia Films had launched new crystal clear In-Mould Label film. It is produced using our unique bubble process.

New 3D varnish from Mondi adds the “wow” effect to flexible packaging materials at point of sale

Mondi has recently created a special 3D varnish with haptic effects for enhanced shelf appeal at point of sale. By applying the coating reverse on the surface of a flexible material, the effect resembles embossing with the advantage of an in-line process.


Drinking glass and bottle in one. The need is to just turn the vendl by 180°

Brand differentiation & Brand Identification

Packaging design is a critical component in building a brand’s image and identity

Pharma Compliance Pack

Pharma Compliance Pack supports patients optimally with their medication and meets the highest standards of compliance and convenience

EFI to divest label printing interests

EFI is to spin out the operational part of its inkjet label printer line as it seeks to focus on higher growth opportunities.

Diamond Shaped Folded Carton Pack

This is an innovative pack for cigar. Each cigar is housed in its own distinctly shaped pack which when clustered together and bound by the wrap, forms a ‘star’ shape.

Takeaway cup holder

This drink cup holders is manufactured for stadium and concert standing areas. The cup holder is simply attached to a railing, the cup with the drink placed inside and your hands are free for clapping, dancing or cheering.

Compostable Pizza Pod

Pizza pod is composed of 100% sustainably farmed sugarcane fiber

Disposable Dry Powder Inhaler

The BLISTair is a disposable inhaler (dry powder inhaler) based on a thermoformed film. A blister machine makes the inhaler, fills and packs it. The primary packaging (for the powder/API) is the device.

Sports Cap Takes Convenience and Safety to a New Level

RPC Massmould in conjunction with RPC Astra Plastique (Global Expert Centre for Flip Top Sports Closures) have developed and industrialised a next generation sports cap that breaks new ground with its combination of enhanced consumer convenience and maximum product safety and integrity, along with a contemporary design.

SPB and Slater Harrison unveil recyclable premium paper

Swanline Paper & Board (SPB) has collaborated with Slater Harrison to develop a unique metallic effect paper and board that is recyclable and compostable.

ReAl technology for making cans

This innovative can is manufactured by Ball Corporation from the United States by using an innovative ReAl technology in making the new “L’Oréal Men Expert Antiperspirant” can. 

POSITIVE IMPACT AWARDS: Avery Dennison Advances Responsible Technology

If some 10 billion products in the apparel, accessories and footwear market are currently being individually digitally connected, and the ability to locate items is just one of the benefits that will surface, Avery Dennison is positioned perfectly.

Chapelton reports success for Smurfit Kappa’s MB12

Chapelton is the distributor of MB12 in the UK and says the solution is working for those who not only want a sustainable quality but also require a grade that has zero migration of oils whilst retaining the food aroma and taste qualities.

Flair Fragrance Fabric softener

By adopting a new inner fitting system between bottle and base closure, the weight of base closure can be reduced 15% compared to traditional. In order to refill comfortably, the spout is designed to be wide and the trouble the direction of spout changes with top closure can be resolved

Eye catchy Carton

This carton was converted utilizing SBS paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four- color 
Banana Box – Packaging for car bumpers

Banana Box – Packaging for car bumpers

The round shapes of car bumpers are a logistical challenge. The new Banana Box packaging has been adapted to the curves of the bumpers.

Packaging for Audio Devices

For Electronic and appliances category a innovative packaging is designed by Smurfit Kappa .

Denny Bros to launch full colour multi-page label

Denny Bros is set to unveil a full colour synthetic multi-page label at Packaging Innovations show. For the first time in its history, Denny Bros has developed a full colour triple decker synthetic label which can be printed in full colour throughout the entire booklet in few processes.


The UAVA Lava Clothing packaging was awarded in the Household category of WorldStar 2017, the international packaging prize promoted by the World Packaging Organization (WPO). The bottleneck of the tapered packaging has a texture that gives greater grip on the handle even than with wet hands as normally occurs in the use of the product.

Polyester Film for Pharma Packaging

Special polyester film as an alternative to the tradition BOPA and PVC substrates used in cold formed pharma packaging

CONSTANTIA Unshredded Chocolate Wrap

A new aluminium foil wrapper, called Unshredded Wrap, from Constantia Flexibles’ ends the frustration of chocolate lovers trying to peel off the protective layer in little bits.

Corner Pack with easy tearing

The CornerPack bag is a packaging solution that provides an opening aid which can be used in the corresponding films (for example BOPP) and at the same time is so intuitive in its application that instructions are not needed. 


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