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Pandora Box – childproof packaging easy to use

Short Description: 
The Pandora box is a one-piece, childproof packaging for nicotine chewing gums with barrier function. Carton board was the preferred material as it met the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and supported the customer’s wish for more appeal and sustainability.

When their customer was looking for a solution combining security features, improved access to the product, intuitive use, sustainability and high-quality appearance, many solutions were discussed by the AR Packaging team. To ensure a favourable price and flexible delivery, conventional materials were agreed upon. The final result was the Pandora box, a single piece, child resistant packaging, made up of cardboard suitable for the pharmaceutical industry with barrier function. Due to its clever construction it can be automatically processed and packed at high speed. And although the concern for safe opening was high, the package is still simple to open and offers ease of use since consumers can easily remove the product.

  • Childproof
  • Developed for automatic processing
  • Folding carton solution with barrier function
  • Intuitive and easy use

Although childproof solutions made of cartonboard are still rare, the Pandora box shows that this combination offers great potential for packaging solutions for many other industries like:

  • Non-food consumers goods
  • Personal care
  • Pharma & medical devices
  • Tobacco