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Fighting climate change with each cup of coffee

Fighting climate change with each cup of coffee

Mondi’s renewable packaging material helps Paulig Coffee lower carbon footprint.
Three-ply co-extruded LDPE foam liner

Three-ply co-extruded LDPE foam liner

Uni-Foam US™ - Three-ply co-extruded LDPE foam liner from the leader in container sealing
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PMMI Awards RIT $5,000 Scholarship

PMMI Foundation Continues Support of Future Packaging Leaders
Needle Trap Label selected by Pfizer

Needle Trap Label selected by Pfizer

International pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer opted for Schreiner MediPharm's Needle-Trap needle protection label to equip the syringes for its epoetin biosimilar
Food packaging….how knowledge is integral to making the right decision

Food packaging….how knowledge is integral to making the right decision

The role of packaging has dramatically evolved over the years. While the fundamental principle behind packaging remains, in that it needs to be functional and practical, a container that enables people to transport their product from one place to another, packaging itself is becoming as complex as the technology used in the production process.
Sustainable Packaging Innovations from Amcor

Sustainable Packaging Innovations from Amcor

Developments in packaging sustainability and efficiency secure Amcor two 2018 Alufoil Trophies
Innovative New Packaging for Clarins Double Serum

Innovative New Packaging for Clarins Double Serum

Double Serum by Clarins is an iconic product, made up of the best scientific formulas including a double hydric and lipidic formula, highly concentrated in active plant ingredients, 20 in total, which gives skin effective anti-aging and radiance results. The Clarins product also features an innovative technological package to preserve these ingredients and optimize their effectiveness.

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Custom Presentation Boxes for Product Display

Different retail stores, business owners, and supermarkets want to effectively show off their products to attract a heap of customers. For creating an attractive display, they use custom presentation boxes. This enhances the beauty of their products and is also used for promotional purposes.
Henkel reduces environmental footprint of laundry detergent packaging with Mondi technology

Henkel reduces environmental footprint of laundry detergent packaging with Mondi technology

Advanced resin reclamation technology at Mondi’s consumer packaging plant in Halle, Germany, enables efficient use of scrap plastic in Henkel’s Megaperls laundry detergent packaging.

Himayalan Sparkling Launches Innovative Limited Edition Bottles with the ‘Sound of the Himalayas’

Himalayan Natural Mineral Water has a unique and fascinating story of its source which we have always endeavoured to tell our consumers. But to tell such a fascinating story merits an equally interesting innovation to reinforce the product story.

Chuoh Pack Industry Co Ltd has developed eco-friendly corrugated packaging which replaced wooden frame packing for sheet metal parts of automobiles.

Sustainable packaging made from grass

Constantia Flexibles is currently testing an entirely fresh approach to sustainable food packaging by trying a new paper made from renewable resources.

POP Display for laundry care

DS Smith'have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display specifically for the promotion-related presentation of a laundry care cloths series in the retail trade. The attention-grabbing display distinguishes itself through its eye-catching effect from a distance.

Cost effective Inhaler made on blister machine

BLISTair is claimed to be the world’s first thermoformed dry powder inhaler developed by Perlen Packaging.

Space Beer ready for take-off

Blast-off might have a whole new meaning thanks to Australian companies who are racing to create the world's first 'space beer'.

Packaging for Ampoule

The product itself feeds the skin with intensive moisture. To convey this effect, a special tactile surface with a soft touch varnish is used. This gives customers that pleasing feeling of smooth skin.
Plus Pack: Ready2Cook Skin Packaging Solution

Plus Pack: Ready2Cook Skin Packaging Solution

An innovative skin packaging concept for chilled or fresh foods, such as fresh fish, the Ready2Cook Skin Packaging Solution is offered from Plus Pack which offers maximum flexibility for the consumer as it can easily go directly from the chilled cabinet to the oven or even BBQ.

Light weight Bottle for hand soap

Bottle for Nature's Promise™ hand soap is produced on proprietary Amcor-built machine powered by LiquiForm®

Coles Basting Sauce Closure and BrushColes Basting Sauce Closure and Brush

Coles have developed a unique cap for a sauce bottle that has a basting applicator integrated into the product packaging, allowing the customer to directly baste food during the cooking process.

Paper-based packaging solution with integrated sealing functionality

An innovative paper for flexible packaging with improved sealing properties and increased sustainability

New generation of flow wrap packaging

Rollprint offers AUTOBAHN material which brings a new generation of flow wrap packaging. This material is an ultra-fast sealing version of original flow wrap with the added benefit of being easier to open as compared to traditional aluminum foil flow wrap structures.
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Nestlé aiming at 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025

Nestlé announced its ambition to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or re-usable by 2025. Its vision is that none of its packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter. Nestlé believes that there is an urgent need to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment.
Pastry Products Potentially Contaminated with Metal

Pastry Products Potentially Contaminated with Metal

On June 2, 2018, the Food Standards Agency announced that the Addo Food Group was recalling batches of chilled pastry products, including sausage rolls, pasties, pastry pies and slices because of potential contamination with small pieces of metal wire.


This multidose delivery cap is safe and easy to use. Safety, practicality, ergonomics, universality were the key words of this development.
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6 Advantages of Using Plastic Packaging Over Cardboard

Despite the popular belief that plastic is not good for our environment, the truth is that plastic holds some advantages over other materials that are thought to be eco-friendly such as paper. While paper can be recycled, the truth is that over 40% of the plastic that is manufactured every year is recycled.

Lyophilized Pharmaceutical Packaging

Nextaro is the quality benchmark for reconstitution of lyophilized pharmaceutical components. This system gives the system the highest stability in the application.
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A further hit model: The Pergoveris® Pen for Merck

Haselmeier has a worldwide reputation for its patient-friendly, high-tech innovations. The new Pergoveris® Pen, developed for its customer Merck, has once again confirmed the company's high standard of development.

‘Voltaren No Mess’ Applicator

GSK Consumer Health had developed and launched ‘Voltaren No Mess’ applicator. The Voltaren team set about designing new packaging that enabled consumers to apply the product without having to touch it.

“Outlast” Mouthwash

Making a Great Brand Better - Revitalizing an Iconic Brand Through Innovative New Packaging - Scope “Outlast” Mouthwash from Procter & Gamble, Alpla, Tech Group, and Webb deVlam Industrial Designers - USA
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Uflex eyes Rs 9,000 crore turnover by 2019-20 on domestic push

Packaging solutions firm Uflex is aiming at Rs 9,000 crore turnover in the next three years, a growth of nearly 40 per cent over the previous fiscal, on the back of robust domestic business, a top company official said.

Intelligent Bottle System Monitoring Dosing for Effective Drug Compliance

Amcor Rigid Plastics and Confrérie Clinique Collaborate on unique electronic pill dispenser that promotes compliance. Intelligent Bottle System Offers Single Tablet Dispensing and Easy Tracking and Monitoring for Effective Drug Compliance This packaging is compliance, user friendly, provide child and senior citizen safety and connection to any smartphone for easy tracking and monitoring.

FlexFilms develops soft-touch, robust polyester film

FlexFilms (Elizabethtown, KY) has developed a polymer film with a satin-soft surface that is also strong and durable.

Gift Packaging

This pack is suitable for gifting to bring a smile to a loved one’s face. It can be used to offer a token of thanks or simply ensure don’t turn up empty-handed as a guest.

CVS Store Brand OTC Compliance Pack

Many Over-The-Counter(OTC) products are used to treat the side effects of prescription medications – pain, constipation, etc.

Interactive Pallet For Future Logistics

First interactive pallet to digitalise the world's largest open pallet pool. 

Lidocare Pouch

Bemis Healthcare Packaging had developed Lidocare Pouch for NFI/UPM Pharmaceuticals.

Super Nikka Assort Box

The features of this product are compact design for duty-free shops. The high fitting accuracy of the doors, double wall structure (preventing cracking of the hinge part) in which the inner wall of the hinge rotates smoothly.

Screw Pakaging innovations

A&R Carton Graz GmbH had developed a packaging for Tenz innovative screws. The Peek Box is an innovative packaging for a new high-tech screw.



“ORUS” Squeegee Bucket Solution

CAF’s “ORUS” Squeegee Bucket Solution concentrate in a 5.25 pound “Box Pouch” created transformational results for both the marketer and the environment.


The closures used for 5-gallon water containers are known as HOD (Home and Office Delivery) closures. The necks of these containers are standard across the world.

Slide-Rite® Child-Guard® Track & Slider

The new child-resistant technology of Child-Guard® is a revolution in the flexible packaging industry. Specially designed for products that should not be consumed by children or taken without adult supervision, Child-Guard® brings tested performance to your packaging needs.

Syringe Pack equipped with Electronic Compliance Monitor Technology

Med-ic Syringe Pack equipped with Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor) Technology submitted by Intelligent Devices SEZC Inc (IDI) for Information Mediary Corporation

Innovative Collapsible Container

Loadhog Limited, a Sheffield (UK)-based, had manufactured innovatively designed collapsible container range to its armoury which further strengthens its position as a major industry player.


The Shaker Bag is an advanced distribution tool for the precise application of granular products.

Hokey Pokey- Icecream Container

Hokey Pokey is a young startup ice cream brand based in India offers ridiculously good rich and creamy ice cream targeted at the youth. A

Motor driven autoinjector

Onejet is the first motor driven disposable autoinjector, compatible with standard primary containers (PFS from 1 ml to 2,25 ml), designed to easily deliver high viscosity products.

Metallized Sprayer Pouches

The pouches are designed to replace heavy rigid bottles used for cleaning products.


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