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Amcor Flexibles and Rohrer win a 2017 Alufoil Trophy

The Frangible Formpack® Blister is a multi-chamber pharmaceutical blister that enables moisture-sensitive active ingredients such as drugs, vaccines or diagnostic reactants to be contained in the same package safely, prior to being mixed and dispensed. It has been jointly developed by Amcor Flexibles and machine builder Rohrer – Leading Solutions.

Lightweight Beer Crate

Through clever engineering and redesign, the light weighting of this secondary 15-pack HDPE crate has enabled a 19% reduction in material (from 1.65kg to 1.3kg),

Vento™ Packaging Simplifies Packing Freshly Roasted Coffee

Amcor introduces an advanced packaging system with built-in venting control for ground coffee and whole beans. For coffee roasters, freshness is key. To deliver full flavour to consumers, most coffee producers prefer to package their product right after roasting.


It is a chemical foaming and nucleating agent.

Signature Pack

First aseptic carton pack, which is 100% linked to plant-based renewable material

Easy to open sauce packet

Diners no longer have to struggle to tear a sauce packet open. The lid plays a role of tare sauce container.

Vento™ Packaging Simplifies Packing Freshly Roasted Coffee

Amcor introduces an advanced packaging system with built-in venting control for ground coffee and whole beans. For coffee roasters, freshness is key. To deliver full flavour to consumers, most coffee producers prefer to package their product right after roasting.

Robot Food redesigns Cadbury Cake Bars packs

The agency was tasked with repositioning and re-establishing the brand as a more ‘grown-up’ treat. The new designs introduce a more defined, better balanced pack hierarchy to encourage stronger brand recognition.

Luxury pack for perfume

The MW had designed a luxry pack for cosmetic category.

The world’s first dilution control system in a pouch

Smart Mix ProTM/MC was designed for cleaning tasks that are performed with spray trigger applications and is ideal for smaller sites with tight budgets and limited storage space. Unlike traditional Ready-To-Use packaging, Smart Mix ProTM/MC will significantly reduce your inventory management while reducing inventory costs.

Smart Packaging

 Packages shape the consumer's experience of the product during use

Petalwell – Essential oil diffuser

Cool, contemporary design to release the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils

3D embossing for Salute

A range of aluminium closures made by Guala Closures for Salute’s range of liquours can be customized with special metallized printing decoration to give a tactile effect, and allows the application of any pattern with details much finer than mechanical embossing.

The Bark dosing bottle

Efficient solution for Veterinary Products. The bottle provides safe and precise Dosing System. Modern Structural Design offers easy handling and clear labeling panel. All parts of bottle communicate in synergy. Due to its rounded lines the system gives 100% product usage, ideal condition for Filling/Stock, due to its mechanical resistance.

Aptar Pharma Extends its Child-Resistant Nasal Pump Manufacturing Capabilities in North America

Aptar Pharma announced the installation of manufacturing capacity for its Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Classic Nasal Pump in their Congers, NY site.
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JLR Bumper Shipper

Jaguar Land Rover required new packaging for individual parts allowing worldwide shipment of the Evoque front bumper. Maximum container utilisation was possible with an easy to assemble inner pack constructed from one piece of Heavy Duty corrugated board, which elevates and protects the product enabling each pack to be nested.

Nivea Kao/8 × 4 Underarm Anti-Perspiration EX Cream Capsule

A highly effective antiperspirant agent in individual container for one dose. The container allows the content of soft solid composition to maintain its shape by adding a protective barrier and to provide a improved usability and hygiene to consumers.

Mobile Projector MP-CL1

Sony Energy Devices Corporation,japan has designed a package which reflects Sony’s principal for “OoBE – Out of Box Experience

Antimicrobial packaging

Flexible packaging material with anti-microbial properties
Nivea Men alu creme tin

Nivea Men alu creme tin

The NIVEA MEN Creme tin convinced the jury with its clear translation of the key visuals in the packaging: “After introducing the new NIVEA MEN design vocabulary and the new round logo in 2013, the world-famous blue NIVEA tin will now have a masculine counterpart.

Ultra-high barrier renewable and recyclable packaging material 

Plantic™ R, a bio-based, renewable and recyclable plastic material with ultra-high barrier and ideal for barrier packaging applications. The technology combines the best of recyclable materials (Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)) and Plantic’s bio based ultra-high barrier material, which dramatically increases the shelf life of packaged meats.

Hobgoblin Taps into Ardagh Group's Keg Technology

Hobgoblin, one of the UK’s leading and most recognisable beer brands, is now available in a 5L Ardagh Group beer keg for both its Ruby and Gold versions to take advantage of growth in the off trade for the mini keg format.

Printed Electronic Labels

Electronics in Film (EIF) are conductive printed or die-cut structures on thin and flexible film substrates that can conduct low current flows

Pottery Original Ecological Packaging

The package is made of local wild material which makes good use of waste materials with low-emission and green environmental protection. Innovative structure: lifting rope goes through the bottom of the packaging, and the force fully acts on the pot.

E-Commerce companies choosing antitheft packaging

anti-theft packaging to secure goods from in-transit theft and tampering

“Hexenkasverpackung” (POS packaging printed double-sided in F-flute)

The unique design of the packaging is based on an old pot for the traditional handmade manufacturing process of the cheese inside the packaging unit. With this unusual design the corrugated cardboard in F-flute is a striking eye catcher at the P.O.S.

Easy refilling new Pouch

Raku-raku Eco Pack Refill for refilling high viscosity liquids, such as shampoo and conditioner.


Constantia Flexibles have developed an innovative product with sustainable solution 

Walmart & Amazon Explore Faster Delivery via Drone Blimps

In a bid to create the quicker, more flexible delivery services increasingly demanded by consumers, Walmart has followed Amazon’s lead by patenting airborne stations that will manage fleets of drones delivering packages to individuals.

Easy Open and Scrap "PEEL SCRAP®"

This individual packaging box can be opened and disassembled easily with minimum force while maintaining sufficient strength. Once disassembled, the box becomes completely flat which allows reduced volume of paper waste.

Twistcup with screw lid – two technologies

Thermoformed cup with twist function with injection moulded lid - uniting two different technologies and two different materials (PP/PET). The result is a glass jar function, which is optimised in design for good facing. Good stacking ability with lid designed to fit pot standing on top. Improved performance for easy use/re-sealing.

Maxibolsa: a true example of moving from rigid to flexible packaging

The previous printed corrugated box to pack 9kg of powder laundry detergent changed to an attractive and practical PE/PE laminated bag which, besides being completely recycla

Visitor Registration is Open for indiapack Pacprocess 2017

Welcome to indiapack/pacprocess, the ideal platform to showcase your products, technology and know-how to decision makers from the region and to strengthen your position in India.   From October 26 – 28, 2017 Pragati Maidan will host the latest developments, state-of-the-art products and services for the packaging industry.

Nivea Handcream - palm stone

The hand cream package cleverly combines the customary packaging concept for tubes and bottles. The round shape of the tottle – a bottle that sits on its top end – sits comfortably in the palm and resembles a palm stone with its soft-touch finish.

Sika Fiber – Water Soluble Packaging

This packaging does not leave any packaging waste.

Mosquito Repellent Pouch

Sealed pouch for the new application of mosquito repellent

Double wall can

An aluminium can in which a part of the outer side of the can is folded inwards using new technological process steps. This creates a double wall in the can, but also an excellent printed/decorated inner side. The refined interior makes the can extremely high-quality and appealing (previously the interior could only be blank or have interior coating).

Innovative label for Beer

This extraordinary packaging for these special Störtebecker Eisbock beers stands out from previous designs and boosts the brand even more emotionally.

Water Soluble Film Reduces Packaging Waste

This film is dissolving completely in water, and is ideal for single doses of dry materials

Bicycle Transport Pack

The Kolobox is an all-in-one package transporting private bicycles by air and sea. The end customer receives the Kolobox in a compact, flat-pack form and builds up the packaging themselves.


Belheather Scottish Lager is sold in cans offering consumers a good quality lager at a low price. Lidl wanted to extend the range to include a crafted blended whisky beer sold in a smaller 330ml bottle to offer consumers an alternative.

UK ‘on course’ to meet packaging recycling targets

Figures for packaging recycling in the second quarter of the year have revealed that the UK is well on the way to meet its targets, despite concerns over China’s crackdown on imports.

TRON disposable potty

Light structure, small size, light weight, convenience and ease of use. Its disposable character enables to throw it out immediately after use. Product innovativeness is defined by its intuitive quick unfolding and folding after usage and the use of absorbent pads which prevents from spillage.

child-resistant polyfoil® tubes

The personalization of care products is currently on everyone's lips. Consumers today are too ready when it comes to getting a customized product. Personal data are discounted to their own DNA.

Clay Based Antimicrobial Packaging Film

A packaging film that is coated with clay nanotubes, which have an antibacterial essential oil preserves foods

Klip Klap

An Innovative opening mechanism for standup pouch


Greater safety for the manipulation of the sharp objects, avoiding cuts or possible infections. The transparency of the contanier allows the consumer to see if it is full and if replacement is suitable. The autoblock lid prevents an incorrect manipulation after the container closure. Energetic saving, maintenance and manipulation cost.

Packaging for Industrial Pumps

Universal Box is made entirely of corrugated cardboard, which is 100% recyclable and is therefore much more sustainable. Only three parts make it much more flexible and cost-effective.

Meta Pail

The Meta Pail is a semi-rigid, vacuum-formed, plastic pail

Champagne Pack converted to Bucket

This curved and elegant packaging for champagne bottle which also could be used as an ice bucket.


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