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Ice Dronettack

Zenia Adiwijaya from Iowa State University Want a refreshing icy beverage delivered to wherever you are?

Pack with inbuilt strainer

A pack with a strainer is a spot on solution for seafood products in brine. Santa Bremor, one of the fish industry dealer in Belarus, concludes after using the UniPak container with insert from RPC Superfos for a few months.


A thermoformed in-mold labeled (TIML) container has been codeveloped with Coveris and Valio, the leading dairy producer in Finland and a pioneer in functional foods and unique milk-processing technologies.
Consumer Convenient Packaging

Consumer Convenient Packaging

Packaging should  not only protect, preserve, transport, inform, and sell the product but it should also be customer centric and thus it should keep consumer satisfaction and convenience as its aim.

Packaging for Steering Wheel Switches

Optimal protection for overseas shipment of steering wheel switches is a challenging issue. DS Smith come out with a solution which minimise risks and reduce costs.

Flexible shampoo packaging similar to rigid pack

Paharpur 3P have developed a new shaped stand-up spout pouch for thepersonal care segment.

Foldable Crate

Foldable crate is  having a unique locking mechanism, along with other beneficial design elements

Resealble cashew nuts Packaging

The packaging for Alesto cashew kernels (Lidl) look like an ordinary stand bag may not look spectacular, but it has a lot of very well solved details.

Wooden Spray

Environmental- friendly packaging solution for fragrances

Brush for hair care

The Brush-twist combines hair care and brush in one product.


LINPAC is continuing the active engineering of its ultra-light, resistant barrier flexible for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), in what has traditionally been a category of heavy gauge film usage.

New Plant by Parksons Packaging

Parksons Packaging, a leading manufacturer and exporter of printed and laminated folding cartons, on Friday inaugurated a new folding carton plant in Sri City in Chittoor district. 

Octagon Box

Octagonal-shaped box of sturdy cardboard with a coated liner

Solution for automatic drug prepration and administration

Intuity Ject offers a unique, secure, automated alternative for simple and precise preparation and injection of drugs, in only 5 steps. This medical device is particularly intended for all biological products in vials, including viscous products, both in liquid and dry form, for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.
UTZ Poolpallet

UTZ Poolpallet

The plastic pallet specially designed for automation processes in European format consists of a combination of polypropylene with glass fibre.

LRM-DUO: Machine with two pacakging levels

Two packing levels that have so far been undertaken in separate machines: cardboard box packaging and foil wrapping but now in single machine.


A chip, which is not visible from the outside and can not be manipulated, is installed in these closures, thus giving users a further possibility to increase the product safety of their products. The revolutionary shutter communicates seamlessly with any NFC-enabled smartphone. NFC readers are installed in almost all modern smartphones.

 A new split pack for poultry

LINPAC teamed up with Tesco and Cargill, supplier of chicken products, to launch a new split pack for poultry that addresses portion control and food waste concerns.

Tubs Convey Quality and Tradition

RPC Bebo Bouxwiller is producing a 750g tub and lid for Graindorge’s traditional premium crème fraiche, which is sold at cheese counters in large retailers. The thermoformed polypropylene tub has been specifically designed for dairy applications. It combines lightweight and safe handling with tight-fitting lids to maintain the freshness of the products after opening.

Innovative Cushioning Cutout

The packaging box, to fit and protect the wide range of contents which have different shapes by simply placed.

Capsumatic Capsules Dispenser

An innovative range of capsule dispensers!

Helping Flowerworld To Bloom

DS Smith’s UK Packaging Division has supported a leading UK flower wholesaler to launch its online order service by developing bespoke packaging to help the company achieve its aim of getting customers’ flowers from field to vase within 48 hours.

Flexible Printed Electronics For Smart Packaging

The interest is increasingly high in adding electronics to everyday items including the wearables space, smart packaging and smart labels

Paper Based Tea Packaging with Innovative Barrier and Sealing Properties

This Packaging paper with integrated functionality (barrier and sealing properties) without additional coatings or adhesives is a monolayer. This excellent print results in Special feel.

4 in1 Packaging For Skoda

This pack is medium Knocked Down SKODA car body package for plant in India. In this pack there is designed a special rack, which allows 4 cars to be placed into one container. Development started with package for two horizontal shells.

Moisture absorber HPET

Holfeld Plastics, a member of Waddington Europe, has developed Hydrozorb (H- PET) a low carbon, lightweight rPET material with organic and inorganic fillers


Ecodraft is a revolutionary development in the beverage industry. This system is within a strong HDPE keg. It presents a PATENTED DOUBLE BAG SYSTEM which separates the pressure medium completely from the drinks, guarantees a shelf life up to 2 years, and offers 100% safety to all users and environment.

Bloom Guard Plant Packaging

Bloom guard protects and displays flowers and herbs

Cushion pack for toto faucet ttm307k ttm308kcommondesigned carton with corrugated_cushion for 2 faucet models is used as transport packaging the onepiecefolded cushion acts as a shock absorber and product fixture for excellent protection this design

Common-designed Carton with Corrugated Cushion for 2 faucet models is used as transport packaging. The one-piece-folded cushion acts as a shock absorber and product fixture for excellent protection. This design successfully passed 80-cm drop test without any damage. It is also easy packing, handling, and storing.

After Eight Design Store

This self promoting display transferred the change of “After Eight” product-design in an individual way and leads the end-user into temptation in a fine English style.


Spin'n'dose™ - for exact large dosing of viscous prescription drugs. Spin'n'dose™ offers the required compliance: the innovative dispensing wheel doses 0.5 or 1 g from the tube when turned 180°. Even without the pump. The Spin'n'dose tube is perfect for creams and gels.

Flexible Sustainable Packaging

The Cowboy Bath package incorporates several features that accentuate this new product.

Smart packaging for innovative joint filler

For Tremco illbruck we developed an innovative can for the first water based, insulating joint filler that does not contain any hazardous chemicals. The new can offers the user important practical advantages and leads to a massive impact in logistics for entrepreneurs.

Gin bottle with elegant and independent design

Gin bottle in an elegant and independent design. Very good ergonomics for superior handling. Subtle, rich in detail, effective.

Nemera: Using intelligent design to deliver safe preservative free multi-dose eye drops

Novelia® represents a major innovation in ophthalmic drug delivery
PET bottles with innovative bottom structure

PET bottles with innovative bottom structure

The new Sidel StarLite PET bottle base for still drinks offers more bottle-base stability and resistance, resistance to extreme temperatures (hot and cold), lightweighting possibilities, energy savings, design flexibility.

CSP technologies, inc. Introduces activ-seal orifice-reducing closure with desiccant technology

CSP Technologies, Inc., a leader in packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences – has developed closures, with gas scavenging technology built directly into an induction-sealed, tamper-evident screw cap.


The good looks and convenience of RPC Superfos’s EasySnacking pack were key factors in its selection by Lithuanian food producer Viciunai Group for a range of surimi sticks and fish salads.

Multitainer: Transit Packaging Solution

The multitainer is a versatile transit packaging solution for a variety of applications including chemicals, food and hygiene products.

HDPE Pouch Cards

CleanCut Technologies offered custom die-cut pouch cards to properly position and secure medical devices and procedural components inside a sterile pouch.
Avery Dennison Launches New Tt Sensor Plus Label In Europe

Avery Dennison Launches New Tt Sensor Plus Label In Europe

US-based packaging material provider Avery Dennison has launched its new temperature data logger technology, TT Sensor Plus, across Europe.

PLA Based Capsule

The capsules are made using EarthFirst® PLA (polylactic acid) film manufactured using renewable technology

Pocket Shot

Pocket Shot  is 50-mL plastic packs  small, unbreakable, easy-carry, easy-open, pocket-sized flexible “bottle”

Burger King packaging for Halloween

As a seasonal design for Halloween, Burger KingNULLs Whopper packaging highlights a brand identity which proves that it is in touch with its guests.

Tobacco firms fail to stop UK introduction of plain packaging

The latest attempt by tobacco companies to prevent the introduction of mandatory plain packaging of cigarettes in the UK has been rejected by the court of appeal.

Bio based PE film

It is a facestock which is made entirely from sugar cane ethanol

Sneaker chocolate Packaging wins Bioplastics award

Mars, Rodenburg, and Taghleef win the 11th Global Bioplastics Award 2016 for chocolate bar wrapper. Mondi also contributed to the success.

Tetra Brik- Sustainable Aseptic Pack

The new package is manufactured using a biobased plastic film 


This is a carton developed by adding a advertising function to the conventional “DIET BOX”.


Bericap has developed a new 2-piece sports closure, allowing a 2-colour look with a transparent PP shell and a coloured HDPE pourer section.


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