New Uncle Dougie’s Inverted Pouches Feature Aptar’s Sierra Closure

New Uncle Dougie’s Inverted Pouches Feature Aptar’s Sierra Closure

Aptar Food + Beverage continues to revolutionize markets and delight consumers through innovative packaging. We are delighted to be part of Uncle Dougie’s new inverted pouch launch, which uses our Sierra dispensing solution.


Aptar Food + Beverage provides Sierra to the STANDCAP pouch, which is sold as a turnkey package by Glenroy. Sierra is a unique dispensing solution that provides the inverted pouch stability, and features an easy-to-open flip-lid closure, built-in tamper-evident pull ring and uses proprietary SimpliSqueeze® valve technology for optimal dispensing performance. This unique solution eliminates the need for utensils, and allows for 99% product evacuation. Besides Sauces & Condiments, Sierra for STANDCAP is also a great fit for Dairy, Salad Dressings, Spreads, Honey and Jellies.

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