Needle Trap: Cost-effective user protection

Needle Trap: Cost-effective user protection


Inattentiveness or hectic situations in day-to-day medical practice can lead to needlestick injuries after administering injections. To prevent this risk, needle protection systems are increasingly being used.



Schreiner MediPharm has developed Needle-Trap as a cost-effective alternative for pre-filled syringes, which helps protect healthcare professionals from needlestick injuries. It combines the requisite safety in field use with major benefits in terms of economy, flexibility and process reliability for the pharmaceutical manufacturer.


- User protection in healthcare practice

- Easy operation, system is intuitively activated

- Significant cost savings due to simple design compared with conventional needle protection systems

- Demonstrated processability on conventional labeling systems, easy integration into existing processes, typically requires no adjustment of secondary packaging

- Customized label design available (e.g. integration of detachable documentation labels, graduation, security features)

- FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification

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