Innovating Beyond the Traditional Package — and Giving People the Drinks They Want

Innovating Beyond the Traditional Package — and Giving People the Drinks They Want

By combining Coca-Cola Freestyle®, the touchscreen-operated beverage dispenser, with micro-chipped, self-serving reusable cups, mugs and bottles, Coca-Cola is using its innovative spirit to help reduce packaging footprints and give people more of the drinks they want.


Refillable beverage containers, equipped with micro-chipped, ValidFill® radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, have recently been introduced for use with Coca-ColaFreestyle machines via a variety of universities, cruise lines and theme parks. These smart refillable cups directly interact with the Coca-Cola Freestyle, conveniently providing preset pours toward favorite beverages and new tastes while, helping people reduce their packaging footprints. In addition to helping consumers to avoid waste, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines can contribute to cutting waste in product transportation and manufacturing. Coca-ColaFreestyle’s SmartPAK™ cartridges have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional syrup packaging, are manufactured in a Gold LEED certified facility with renewable power and water conservation technology, and contain 15-30 percent recycled content. When considering the savings on consumables, fountain profit margin and earnings from incremental retail purchases, each ValidFill®-enabled container drives an estimated $88 in annual profit. The ValidFill® RFID technology also enables Coca-Cola to gain consumer insights related to its beverage portfolio, and Coca-Cola Freestyle makes sharing a variety of beverage opportunities in one spot possible, and fun. Investments in the development and distribution of the Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage dispensers and ValidFill® RFID self-serve technology are promoting sustainability and revolutionizing the fountain experience for consumers. Reducing packaging and strengthening the sales and profit potential of beverages is one way Coca-Cola is innovating in the beverage delivery space and partnering to help shape a better world.


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