Green Maple Leaf is an eco-friendly laminated tube that maintains the freshness of products while keeping in line with our commitment towards the environment and society. This fully-recyclable packaging solution helps prevent oxidization of contents with a proprietary oxygen-barrier coated core layer and an all-polyethylene (PE) film multilayer laminate. It is especially suited for cosmetics, toiletries and food products. The recyclable, all-plastic laminate helps in reducing a product’s carbon footprint, making it the best eco-friendly choice to keep products fresh.


Green Maple Leaf supports and strengthens Essel’s Go-Green Initiative, ensuring that we are leading the way in making meaningful contributions for a greener, better, healthier planet. Additionally, the tube has the ability to retain its shape even after repeated use and product dispensation and is available in custom theme printing. Setting a new curve to packaging innovation, Green Maple Leaf is aimed at markets demanding sustainability by replacing EVOH tubes. It provides extraordinary product stability, shelf life properties, tube resilience and feel. Produced with fully recyclable thermoplastic polymers, Green Maple Leaf helps achieve the ultimate sustainability goal.

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