Green Giant Veggie Spirals™ PrimaPak® (Sonoco Products Company)

Green Giant Veggie Spirals™ PrimaPak® (Sonoco Products Company)

The Green Giant Veggie Spirals™ PrimaPak® package is a flexible, stackable, resealable package produced from a single roll of film on modified Ilapak vertical form-fill-seal machinery.


PrimaPak is designed as an alternative to bags, stand-up pouches, cartons and rigid containers. The lightweight rectangular box-like shape improves package cube by up to 30 percent, enhancing space utilization on trucks, warehouses and store shelves. All six panels can be printed for maximum space to communicate to consumers. The microwaveable packaging features vent holes as well as a peel-reseal lid for easy opening. Consumers simply place the package in the microwave to heat. The opening created by the label is big enough to see the contents and gives consumers the option to heat, blend additional ingredients and serve directly out of the package, without the need for a bowl or serving dish.

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