GlassFuze™ - A Revolutionary Seal to Glass Alufoil Trophy Winner

GlassFuze™ - A Revolutionary Seal to Glass  Alufoil Trophy Winner

An Alufoil Trophy 2019 for Technical Innovation has been won by Selig Group for its innovative GlassFuze™ heat seal technology. In the European Aluminium Foil Association’s announcement of the winning entry, it states that Selig “has developed a unique sealing technique using aluminium foil as a key material to create a hermetic seal to glass containers.” The EAFA further notes the invention “is the first and only induction heat sealing technique for an alufoil membrane that can provide a complete hermetic seal that withstands liquid and high oil content substances.”


Geoff Lu, Selig’s Executive Vice President and European General Manager, commented that “Winning an Alufoil Trophy for our GlassFuze™ technology is an outstanding recognition of the team’s dedication and hard work and of Selig’s investment in finding a solution for induction sealing to glass. We have strived to provide a solution that is cost-effective, provides a fully hermetic seal, surpasses all regulations for food safety and is easily removable by the consumer.”

With GlassFuze™, customers can enjoy significant cost and material savings by replacing metal lids (and rubber gaskets if applicable) with strong, total barrier aluminium foil seals and a lighter plastic cap

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