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New ways to recycle multiplayer pouches

New ways to recycle multiplayer pouches

CRISP packets, chocolate wrappers, and blister packets for pills are all extremely difficult to recycle as they are comprised of multiple layers, but a new technique can separate each layer and recycle 99% of the materials


Improving the way you package your snack foods is important. Snack Bags make it easy for food preparers to pack sandwiches. More importantly, it is easy for your customers to carry and enjoy your food anywhere.Improving the way you package your snack foods is important. Snack Bags make it easy for food preparers to pack sandwiches.
Tamper Proof RFID Labels

Tamper Proof RFID Labels

Identiv has launched the latest addition to its radio-frequency identification (RFID), near-field communication (NFC), and inlay portfolio. The next-generation Tamper-Proof RFID Label is compatible with any NFC inlay, according to the company
Current Trend in Color Cosmetic Packaging: Multi-Function Sticks

Current Trend in Color Cosmetic Packaging: Multi-Function Sticks

Cosmetic companies, Lancôme, Clinique, and Vapor Organics (to name a few) , are transitioning from compacts to twist up tubes for: press cheek, press eye, and press powder containers.
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FACA EXPORT and the new Technologies

FACA EXPORT has introduced the MULTI – COMPONENT MOULDING technology in their T-22 jar , renamed T-22 -B.
Easy dispensing of viscous liquids

Easy dispensing of viscous liquids

Liquiglide is the first viable technology that allows viscous liquids to slide effortlessly.  
Hexagonal Rainbow Hologram

Hexagonal Rainbow Hologram

An interesting and unique hologram
Seamless Plastic Tubes

Seamless Plastic Tubes

Believed to be the most ideal packaging solution for the cosmetic industry, due to its high aesthetic value and easy adaptability to numerous decorative forms, the seamless plastic tube business is an exciting horizon for the packaging industry. Through constant innovation, Essel has successfully been manufacturing and delivering plastic tubes to new and emerging sectors.


Mystik™ is a breakthrough innovation that culminated out of Essel’s R&D efforts for years.
Sniff Seal gives consumer a different buying experience

Sniff Seal gives consumer a different buying experience

Tri-Seal, part of Tekni-Plex has been granted a patent for its Sniff Seal technology, which can be used for a variety of product categories including dairy, confectionery, bakery and beverages.
Three-ply co-extruded LDPE foam liner

Three-ply co-extruded LDPE foam liner

Uni-Foam US™ - Three-ply co-extruded LDPE foam liner from the leader in container sealing
Henkel reduces environmental footprint of laundry detergent packaging with Mondi technology

Henkel reduces environmental footprint of laundry detergent packaging with Mondi technology

Advanced resin reclamation technology at Mondi’s consumer packaging plant in Halle, Germany, enables efficient use of scrap plastic in Henkel’s Megaperls laundry detergent packaging.

Sustainable packaging made from grass

Constantia Flexibles is currently testing an entirely fresh approach to sustainable food packaging by trying a new paper made from renewable resources.

POP Display for laundry care

DS Smith'have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display specifically for the promotion-related presentation of a laundry care cloths series in the retail trade. The attention-grabbing display distinguishes itself through its eye-catching effect from a distance.

Light weight Bottle for hand soap

Bottle for Nature's Promise™ hand soap is produced on proprietary Amcor-built machine powered by LiquiForm®

“Outlast” Mouthwash

Making a Great Brand Better - Revitalizing an Iconic Brand Through Innovative New Packaging - Scope “Outlast” Mouthwash from Procter & Gamble, Alpla, Tech Group, and Webb deVlam Industrial Designers - USA

Interactive Pallet For Future Logistics

First interactive pallet to digitalise the world's largest open pallet pool. 

Super Nikka Assort Box

The features of this product are compact design for duty-free shops. The high fitting accuracy of the doors, double wall structure (preventing cracking of the hinge part) in which the inner wall of the hinge rotates smoothly.

“ORUS” Squeegee Bucket Solution

CAF’s “ORUS” Squeegee Bucket Solution concentrate in a 5.25 pound “Box Pouch” created transformational results for both the marketer and the environment.

Metallized Sprayer Pouches

The pouches are designed to replace heavy rigid bottles used for cleaning products.

Spectra to showcase innovation at Birmingham show

Spectra are gearing up for another busy show at Packaging Innovations at the end of this month. Staged at the Birmingham NEC and widely regarded as one of the largest and most diverse packaging events in Europe, the two-day show will see an estimated 6,000 attendees and over 300 suppliers exhibiting a wide range of products, services and solutions.

CBX Wins Multiple Honors in Top Package Design Competitions

CBX, the brand agency and retail design consultancy, was honored for its work on behalf of a variety of clients in Graphic Design USA’s 2016 American Package Design Awards and The Vertex Awards, a global competition devoted exclusively to the art of private brand package design.

Flairosol ImPress 360

Flairosol ImPress 360 from Afa Dispensing Group (Afa) is recognised and promoted as the most innovative dispensing products in the animal & veterinary industries.

Is Packaging Sabotaging Your Skin-Care Routine?

The world of skin-care packaging is a little like online dating: A pretty appearance can draw you in, but that doesn't mean it's going to last. Some packages make products expire faster than you'd think. Here, we break down what you need to know to prevent your moisturizers, serums, eye creams, and more from, well, breaking down.

Injection-moulded Polypropylene (PP) tube

The product does not only have special technical refinements, but also uses them in a clearly structured design, which has a strong brand management and clearly communicates the “Brilliant Shine” product’s USP to the consumer.

Shudh Plus Sachet

This pack is manufactured and developed by Flex Films (USA) Inc. The mouth freshener market category is inundated with several brands, and the point-of-sale impact infused through packaging reproduction and design elements can drive impulse purchasing behavior.

Paw-Friendly Ice Melt Gets Beefed-Up Package

When Morton Salt introduced its Safe-T-Pet salt- and chloride-free ice melt product, the goal was to protect pets’ paws from the skin burns that can result from the salt used to de-ice winter streets and sidewalks.


“Committed to service and innovation and with a strong investment of the company in R & D, we present a new concept of dropper. A development fully realized by the technical team of Virospack that offers innovation and technology to the market, accompanied as always of quality, functionality and personalization”. -Vicenç Rodriguez, Virospack CEO.

New Pump Provides Large Dose of Convenience

A new airless pump from RPC is offering numerous benefits including a large dose and ease of use.

Glow In The Dark Sleeves

Glow in the dark for sleeves made of 40micron PET and printed with rotogravure. A beautiful sleeve giving an eye-catchy look, specially in it's dark

Egnite high luster laminate by Essel Propack

Egnite is a high luster laminate and is available in a variety of colour shades. The metallic finish makes the foil blocking process easier and also offers advantages of striking product differentiation. Egnite also facilitates complex printing and novel colour effects. There cannot be imitation of this luster, which enables counterfeiting protection.

Smart Packaging to smooth wrinkles

Dispenser with innovative technology to help rotate the product timely.

Linhardt wins dual packaging awards

Double Can from Linhardt has been awarded by two prestigious packaging awards owing to its superb functionality  
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NEENAH Packaging to present bespoke pearlized offering for beauty and cosmetic packaging at Luxe Pack New York 2017

NEENAH Packaging, the premier resource for bespoke and readymade materials for premium, luxury, and creative packaging, announces the release of its pearlized folding board in the city most befitting its unique style.

Mosquito Repellent Pouch

The MosquitoPaQ™OUTDOOR ZONE no-bite SPATIAL Repellent has demonstrated a clever use of a frangible sealed pouch for this new application of mosquito repellent.

Innovative Sipper Lid for Arthritis Patient

Nestlé Health Science Australia and qDesign Enterprises had developed a Innovative Sipper Lid for Nestlé Health Science Resource® ThickenUp® Hydration range. The main concern behind developing this pack was to improve Arthritis patient care with packaging.


Ball Corporation recently won silver and bronze at this year's Canmaker "Can of the Year" Awards for its L'Oréal Men Expert Antiperspirant can in the "Aerosol Cans" category and its Tactile can in the "Prototype" category.

Innovative carton for gin packaging

This folding G’Vine Grape Dots box is created for the "Maison" Villevert (Gin).

Marlboro Launches Fresh Packaging Innovation

Philip Morris (PML) has launched a unique product feature for Marlboro, designed to give the premium cigarette brand more of an edge in the plain packaging environment.

Pogo™ Lip Balm

Pogo™ Lip Balm brings versatility and innovation to the lip balm category. The unique body fits comfortably in the hand and the domed cap is its own mold, creating greater production efficiency. The refillable cartridge flexes to create a unique application experience. Pogo is international patent pending.

DS Smith's display strategists have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display

DS Smith's display strategists have developed an attention-grabbing 1/4-pallet display specifically for the promotion-related presentation of a laundry care cloths series in the retail trade. The display convinced not only the customer, but also the jurors of the German Packaging Award 2017.

3- Dimensional Gusset Pouch with Handle

This three-dimensional pouch with handle is made in such a way that it is easy to hold. This pouch use the large-capacity pouch.

Lightweight closure for water and carbonated drink

Global Closure Systems launches a new standard closure for the water and carbonated market with a lightweight 26mm neck finish solution which provides the highest levels of performance and also safety to the consumers.

Crystal Clear In-Mould Label Film

Innovia Films had launched new crystal clear In-Mould Label film. It is produced using our unique bubble process.

New 3D varnish from Mondi adds the “wow” effect to flexible packaging materials at point of sale

Mondi has recently created a special 3D varnish with haptic effects for enhanced shelf appeal at point of sale. By applying the coating reverse on the surface of a flexible material, the effect resembles embossing with the advantage of an in-line process.

Brand differentiation & Brand Identification

Packaging design is a critical component in building a brand’s image and identity

Sports Cap Takes Convenience and Safety to a New Level

RPC Massmould in conjunction with RPC Astra Plastique (Global Expert Centre for Flip Top Sports Closures) have developed and industrialised a next generation sports cap that breaks new ground with its combination of enhanced consumer convenience and maximum product safety and integrity, along with a contemporary design.

Flair Fragrance Fabric softener

By adopting a new inner fitting system between bottle and base closure, the weight of base closure can be reduced 15% compared to traditional. In order to refill comfortably, the spout is designed to be wide and the trouble the direction of spout changes with top closure can be resolved

Eye catchy Carton

This carton was converted utilizing SBS paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four- color 


The UAVA Lava Clothing packaging was awarded in the Household category of WorldStar 2017, the international packaging prize promoted by the World Packaging Organization (WPO). The bottleneck of the tapered packaging has a texture that gives greater grip on the handle even than with wet hands as normally occurs in the use of the product.


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