Equinox Syringes - Silicon Free by Plas-Tech Engineering Inc.

Equinox Syringes - Silicon Free by Plas-Tech Engineering Inc.

1) Now available for DMSO and Organic Solvent usage

2) USP Class 6 and ISO 10993

3) Improved Drug Efficacy Due to Reduced Lubricant Migration

4) Increased Protein Stability

5) Controlled Glide Forces


6) Does Not Degrade the Drug Medium

7) Scalable for High Volumes

8) Excellent Device Performance - Lubricant

9) Does Not Migrate Off the Target Surface

10) Sterilized with Steam, EtO/EO, E-Beam and Gamma Radiation

11) Compatible with COC, COP, PC, PP, PE, PET and Other Plastic Materials

12) Moisture & Humidity Barrier

13) Added Gas Barrier

14) Extremely Low Outgassing

15) Pin-hole Free Film

16) Elongation up to 200%

17) Hydrophobic

18) Dry Lubricity

19) Optical Clarity

20) Dielectric Strength: 6800-7000 Volts/mil

21) Melting Temperature: 290°C (C), 410°C (N)

22) Thickness Controllable Below 1.0 Microns

23) Conforms to Precise Shape of Component

24) Chemically Immobile and Inert

25) 80% Fewer Particulate In Drug Medium

26) Break Force = Max force from 0 to 0.5ml of travel

27) Glide Force = Average from 1.0 to 2.0ml of travel

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