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EcoCorr ™ ESD Biodegradable antistatic films and films with anticorrosive VpCI inhibitors

EcoCorr ESD is a 100% biodegradable film with anti-corrosion Cortec-patented VpCI technology with the property of eliminating static electricity. In addition, EcoCorr ESD foil is characterized by better strength and tensile strength of the material. EcoCorr ESD is also resistant to moisture and heat and does not cause damage during use. EcoCorr foil provides an obstacle to corrosive action thanks to implemented anti-corrosion inhibitors (VpCI) and protection against static electricity for up to two years, depending on storage conditions. When it comes to compost conditions, Eco Corr ESD foil biodegrades very quickly (several weeks) without contaminating the soil.

Metal parts packed in EcoCorr ESD foil receive complete and continuous protection against salt, excessive humidity, condensation, aggressive industrial atmosphere and metal corrosion. The anti-corrosion inhibitors contained in the foil evaporate and then condense on all metal parts in the closed packaging of the foil. This achieves complete protection of the product during storage as well as during transport over short and long distances, virtually eliminating the possibility of corrosion. Once the foil is no longer needed, EcoCorr ESD can be composted and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water within a few weeks.