Cosm’in: Ideal Portable Package Solution from Aptar

Cosm’in: Ideal Portable Package Solution from Aptar

With its new, on-the-go travel pack using Aptar Cosm’in for easy portability, Mèreadesso® extends its single step, effortless and multi-purpose skincare collection. The new collection includes a tinted, all-in-one travel size moisturizer.


The convenient 7ml / 0.20 fl.oz. lightweight, leak-proof, multi-use flexible Cosm’in packaging is the perfect match to preserve and protect the formulation. It also offers portability, along with a controlled and reusable dispensing system. The multi-layer foil packet is compatible with a very large scope of formulas, making it ideal for cream, foundation, lotion, sun care, hair care and more. The flexible technology allows for formats ranging from 3ml to 15ml as well as providing many decoration options on the foil and also on the cap and the flat closure for strong brand visibility.

Mèreadesso® founder and CEO, Linda Stephenson, also worked with Arcade Beauty to find the perfect packaging for on-the-go life style.

“Many of our customers continue to require unique, small and convenient packaging for either sampling or retail distribution. The partnership of Arcade Beauty and Aptar Beauty + Home, around the development of the Cosm’in package, is a great example in answering market and customer requirements.”

Cosm’in, is the ideal turnkey “one-stop-shop” solution designed for multichannel distribution for on-the-go travel packs to trial size amenities to gift with purchase to sampling offerings.

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