Blue Clover Studios Awarded Patent for Dose Neatly™

In a multi-year surveillance study from 2009-20161 , 513 cases with medication errors, due to an over the counter cold and cough medication ingredient, were evaluated. Determining that the errors occurred in children under six years of age, results also showed that the incorrect dose of medication caused 93.2% of the errors. With errors often occurring in liquid form, Blue Clover Studios decided to conduct additional research to determine the consumer challenges and identify opportunities for packaging innovation in the liquid format. Kathy S., a consumer focus group participant, said of Dose Neatly, “I love it; it’s easy, clean, and helps ensure you can get the correct dose.” The reduced orifice of our new product allows the liquid to flow out of the bottle slowly in a controlled fashion that allows for the right amount of liquid to flow into the dose cup.

With enclosed dispensing and an integrated dose cup, Blue Clover’s focus on child-resistance resulted in a closure that considers responsible packaging for the entire family. Learn more about Dose Neatly and our broad portfolio of products at



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